Busted at the store

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  1. So today I witnessed something very strange (and a bit funny). I was in the store in Knokke, Belgium, to inform about the Marco wallet as my current Marco could use some replacement. In the store were some other customers, they had LV-bags with them and were interested in some stuff. At a certain moment one of the two women shows her LV-wallet to the SA.

    I was close to them looking at some bags and then I heard the SA say: I'm sorry, but this is not an authentic Louis Vuitton Wallet...'. I was like WOW, and the two ladies were a lot more than WOW. They were shocked and couldn't believe it. I felt it was somewhat awkward so I walked away to another area of the store.

    Wondering how this ended. :/
  2. I once saw a bunch of young girls in the LV boutique with a fake azur NF
  3. That's always a little awks and embarrassing when you witness that in store..lol.. =/
  4. That's so uncomfortable...I also wonder how it ended! It sounds like the 2 women had no idea either.
  5. that's embarrassing a bit
  6. I've seen this happen before, where SAs have quietly whispered amongst themselves and pointed out the fake, however did not say anything to the girl.
  7. Im embarrassed for them!
  8. I wonder, do SA get a special training in spotting fakes? Some fakes are very easy to spot, but there do exists fake bags that are almost 100% the real thing. How can they point out a fake that easily without investigating the item or at least taking a closer look? It seems every SA gets a training in authenticating Louis Vuitton?
  9. Hi, sorry for the slightly offtopic but I have several times read about these "almost 100% real thing fakes" but I have never seen a picture of one. I recently bought a pre-loved Speedy that I think is genuine (after spending hundreds of hours of investigating how to spot a fake) but still I'm a bit worried. It would be nice to see one of these almost real fakes ones or to know what makes them fake. Do you know?
  10. No, they get zero training in authenticating. They might pick skills up through experience, years of working there or have been LV lovers before working there. SAs are trained to sell. Many shops will refuse to authenticate items and some SAs have told customers discontinued items are fake because they've never seen them before!
  11. im so embarassed for them... if that were me i would die
  12. Unless they actually asked the SA to help authenticate the wallet, don't think that it is appropriate or polite for the SA to just point out the fakes out of the blue, even if they really were.....but they probably had asked for authentication I guess
  13. Very Awkward. I hope they can contact the seller and get their money back.
  14. I have yet to encounter any of this during my visits! lol
  15. How embarrassing