Bust minimizing tops?

  1. I recently had a growth spurt and went from a B to a C cup. I'm pretty petite with a small frame (5'4" and about 110 lbs) so they look HUGE on me and a lot of the tops I used to wear look too revealing now :sad: Other than hoping I can wake up one day and magically be a B cup again, does anyone have any suggestions for tops that minimize the chest area? I'm open to any designs, styles, stores, etc.
  2. Hm.... I have the same problem. I find that sometimes babydoll-type tops camouflage the area provided they are looser in the ribcage. Other than that, V-necks are flattering but I would just work it if you're small everywhere else!
  3. I a very large on top and I find a vneck with a cami underneath helps me not look so top heavy , also some wrap tops can works too

    I also wish I could wake up and be a C or D cup too, I am way to chicken to get dress reduction surgery , i jsut wish they would go down by themselves