Bust Enhancing Pills

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  1. I was wondering what everyones experience with them were? yay or nay? Which is the best one? Don't want to go under the knife lol
  2. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that naturally derived or synthetic compounds (oral or topical) enhance breast volume. :sad:
  3. I took some pills religiously with no results.
  4. unfortunately, there's no pill that will magically enlargen your breasts. some birth control pills give some people a slightly larger chest, but it depends on your body chemistry and most people don't see a change. BC is a LOT of hormones, so i wouldn't recommend it unless you actually need it for its intended purpose.
    They don't work !!! Sorry to say:shame:
  6. ITA! They are just hype.
  7. Sorry, they're just ANOTHER product aiming at women paying all kinds of money to buy into a standard of beauty perpetuated, largely, by men.

    I'm no feminist, far from (power to yas if you are!) but find your own sense of body image and you can learn to love what you've been blessed with. I was a LATE bloomer! I modeled throughout my teens with a small chest and let me tell you, I loved it! People noticed my style, my clothes, a heck of a lot more than my chest. When my chest developed in a big way in my late teens... thanks mom, I guess :wtf: ... I couldn't do runway or a lot of high end stuff again until girls like Giselle brought the figure back. By then, I was disenchanted anyways. I loved my "turn sideways and you dissapear" frame!

    Style and beauty are how you carry yourself, not what you're carrying. ;)
  8. I have not tried any but I am thinking no way.

    It is like the enlargement pill for the men's 'bits', I don't think it works. Of course, not that I know, LOL!
  9. I wonder if there are any pills to prop up ones that are falling down? I saw this one - only it's a cream, not a pill...
    Pout Bustier

  10. lol I tried pills way back in the day, hey, I worked at the health store and got a discount. Nothing happened, sadly.
  11. Wow i'm really surprized to see what everyone said. I took them a few months back and went from a 34A to a 34C. When I went to get measured at VS I thought the sales lady was lying to me! Until I tried the 34C bra on!!
  12. That pout item looks interesting. I would like to see if it actually works...but i mean how would it?
  13. I've heard of another item that you wear so many hours a day (night) and it vibrates or something? Anyone else hear of that? It stimulates growth. It was a while ago that I read about it and it even had a website. Sounded good but was expensive.
  14. lol yeah i've heard of it..sounds crazy!:shrugs:
  15. Do tell! Which ones did you use?