Business Week article on Coach

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  1. Very interesting!! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Interesting read - thanks!
  3. GREAT article! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  4. Thanks! This article explains why I love Coach. They make well made purses but their prices aren't too crazy.
  5. From the article: For the second quarter ended Dec. 29, which reflected the holiday shopping season, same-store sales at the factory stores rose 17.7%, while sales at the company's retail shops slipped 1.1%. (Overall for the quarter, net income rose 18%, to $252 million, and sales increased 21%, to $978 million.) The company says it's on track to hit $3.15 billion in sales this year, a 20% jump.

    Could this be why we saw so many PCEs? I bet that 1.1% would have been worse without the extensions of the PCEs and additional ones sent to the outlet customers.
  6. Thank you for sharing that interesting article.
  7. Of course Coach's sales at full-price stores fell- they're being cannabalized by all the outlets they're opening! And I honestly don't envision people "trading down" to Coach from European designers, but rather them just buying fewer things.
  8. Cool article, thanks for sharing!!!
  9. Thanks for posting. I'm guessing all the ladies purchasing the francine are from tpf.
  10. Wow, very interesting article, thank you! I laughed at this one part (in bold)... "Nevertheless the company is expanding its selection of smaller and thereby more affordable bags, largely in the $200 range. They don't cut prices, but they've spent time ramping up their selections at the entry level—around $150," says Lori Wachs, vice-president of growth investing at Delaware Investments in Philadelphia, which owned Coach shares at the end of last year." It made me feel not so bad that I got "hooked" into the product with a smaller item and continually spend more and more! Hahah the brand is DESIGNED to make you do that hehehe I'm just following along like a happy customer should ;) at least that's what I'll tell myself!
  11. Nice! Thanx!
  12. Great read, thanks! I always enjoy reading about the "business" side of things!
  13. Great read. Thx for sharing.
  14. I agree, i think and have seen a few doing it, but i dont think it will be enough as they mention.

    i also think Coach needs to cool it w/ their prices. I understand some of their newest bags, are very nice, and many are leather (meaning may cost more to produce), but i really think they need to put the cap on it. all along, for Coach it has been their price point and how they stand behind their product and customer service. I know I am now venturing into other brands. Such as Linea Pelle. I figure, hey I bought an $800 bag from coach, let my try this "yummy leather" i keep hearing about from the Pelle line @ $500 or a Marc by Marc Jacobs squishy leather for $450. I believe this is partly due to TPF, and the fact if I pay so much for a Coach, why not try another brand. Now, whether the warranties are apples to apples, I will have to see. But the new price points with Coach did open me up to other brands. this is all jmo.... :yes:

    Oh and I also have a list of Tano yummy leather bags wish list, all of which are under $300, and I can find on sale quite often. Plus the line is extremely fun, and i am finding the leathers wear beautifully.