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  1. I'm starting a new job where I will be required to travel somewhat frequently (a few times a month).

    Anyone here have to travel for work frequently? Any tips? I always end up overpacking. Ideally it would be great to bring just a few things and mix and match but I find it to be hard to do. Plus my clothes always end up getting wrinkled. Anyone here able to carry on their luggage? I used to do it before the new rules about liquids. Now I can't figure out how I could carry all of my makeup, etc. in one ziplock bag. I can easily transfer the shampoo, etc. to those little bottles but what about the makeup?
  2. My mom travels a lot for business so I can share some tips I picked up from her and ones I use myself.

    A lot of places do travel sized items now like,, and if you actually go to Target and Bath and Body Works they have tons of travel sized items that you can't get online. If you don't want to get all new stuff and just want to put some of the stuff you use (I am addicted to this website) has lots of plastic bottles and containers in different sizes that you can transfer your products into. That website has TONS of packing aids. I just bought a bunch of stuff because they are having a travel sale now.

    With the new rules I have to check my bag in because of the liquids, but my makeup always comes with me. I think you should be fine with your makeup in your carry on. You only have to put the liquid and gel based stuff in a ziplock bag. I normally have a seperate bag for my hair, body, teeth, etc products and a makeup for just makeup that comes with me.

    As for clothing, what areas are you going to be flying to mostly?
  3. If I am just doing a 2 night, I take only a carryon and laptop bag. Bring just what you will need, either suits and different tops, tanks travel well, or slacks and cardigans, those travel well. Almost all hotels have hair dryers, shampoo (maybe not your fave but for a day or so you can deal), soap and often body lotion, so leave those things at home. If you are taking a carryon, put all your make up, lotion, eye makeup remover, lip gloss in a large freezer bag and have it out for inspection.
  4. All these tips are great...and for wrinkles, if you can't iron in your hotel room...Downey came out with a spray just for that which has worked great for me =D
  5. ^^ LOVE the downy stuff, febreeze works too but it takes longer to dry. I have just started to streamline my packing because I don't like to wait to baggage claim, so do carryon if you can. the container store bottles are awesome.
  6. I had a couple business trips this year (one a 10-day, the other a one-week). I opted for checking in luggage, just taking a handbag on the plane (no carry on) so I wouldn't have to mess with all the liquid carryon crap. And, I made sure I allowed enough time to iron once I arrived.

    JMHO. I still packed small items (shampoos, etc) in ziplock bags in smaller sizes. I also made sure whatever I brought for clothing would coordinate with everything else, plus one lounge/sweat/PJ-style outfit for the hotel room. And, I made sure there was enough room to bring a souvenir and/or gift home too!

    And, it helps to know your environment and climate! is great. I also realized a lot of my time in south Florida earlier this year, for example, would be spent working nights in large server rooms (meaning, A/C blasting). So, although it seemed weird to me, I packed a polar fleece top and it was exactly what I needed.
  7. I travel occasionally for business, and always use a carry-on bag. Much faster than checking in and waiting for your luggage. And I like to travel light.

    Some tips:
    - Try to bring as few clothes as possible: choose your outfits beforehand and only bring one extra pair of shoes.
    - Bring only conditioner and body lotion in small bottles to supplement the hotel's shampoo and showergel.
    - Use small bottles for everything!
    - If you roll up your clothes instead of folding they will not wrinkle as easily.
    - Instead of bringing your bulky workout gear, you can do pilates or yoga in your hotel room, in your pyamas.
    - You don't need all your make-up, pare it down to just one or two different looks.
    - I can fit about a week's worth of travel in one of those trolleys. And if you go for a longer period, just wash your clothes. Or buy something new wherever you are.
  8. I travel all the time for business both in the U.S. and internationally. Some of my tips are:
    - I almost always check my luggage. The hassel of lugging the luggage through the airport outweighs the time spent waiting for it to arrive. The only risk is that the luggage gets lost. If you are bringing any important files or documents carry them on board, so they don't get lost. (Clothes are easier to replace)
    - I travel with a small rolling bag for short 1-3 day trips and a bigger rolling bag for longer trips. I have a small bag that hooks on the handle of the rolling bags and its great for shoes and/or books. If I'm traveling some place interesting I bring a folded up Longchamp bag, that I can fill up with gifts/souveniers on the way back.
    - I bring lots of toiletries even if this adds bulk. I don't want to be without my favorite moisturizer or shampoo. The quality of the stuff in the hotel varies.
    - I bring at least two pairs of business shoes/pumps. I had a heel on a shoe break in India. Shoes can be hard to replace.
    - I'll often wear the same suit twice. A black suit with a red blouse and then a blue blouse looks very different to most people. Also one jacket can be used with both pants and a skirt for a different look.
    - Bring workout clothes and a bathing suit. Business travel adds the pounds because you are often eating out!
    Have fun on your travels:heart:! I'm sure you'll find what works for you.
  9. I actually commute to another state right now so I do a lot of traveling.

    I always use a carry on bag. I hate waiting for checking it, bagage claim, etc. Taking it through secruity probably adds another 60 seconds to my trip plus I'm assured my bags won't be lost.

    I try to coordinate outfits that can all use the came coat, accessories, etc. I also try to take just a few bottoms and several tops. Put the pant on the bottom with the legs sticking out of the bag. Then layer on skirts and tops. When the suitcase is full, bend the legs of your pants over the other clothes. This will help keep them from wrinling if oyu don't have a garment bag built into your suitcase.

    I don't have to go directly to the office from the plane so I like to wear jeans, a top, and a coat/sweater. The jeans paired with one of the tops helps me feel a little more casual after work. I also back a tee and some yoga pants to sleep in and work out in my room.

    For shoes, I always travel with comfortable low heels that go with the skirts and pants I brought and a pair of flip flops. The flip flops are easy to pack (don't take much room) and are great for off hours when you want to be more comfy in your hotel and get out of heels.

    For toiletries I carry two bags: one is a cheap nylon bag I bought from target and the other is my ziplock bag. I carry 2 eye shadows, blush, and a lipstick in the nylon bag along with a travel brush set and non-liquid toileties in travel sizes (i.e., toothbrush). I put the liquids in the ziplock bags. I like to take the little bottles from hotel rooms and fill it with my own products so I don't have to buy bottles - particularly if I've never stayed in the hotel and don't know what they use. I typically hate the stuff in the hotels. I also like to use the same stuff I always use so that I know my face won't break out, my hair won't go limp, etc. when I have a big meeting to attend.

    Many women I work with like to travel with a laptop/tote bag and carry a smaller bag in it for lunch/after hours.

    Most hotels have irons and hair dryers. If you have longer hair that you need to style, bring a hair dryer unless you've stayed at the hotel before. Many in-room hair dryers are horrible for heat styling or take a long time to dry hair.

    This one is non-fashion related but always sign up for the frequent traveler programs available at car rentals, hotels, etc. Even if you are not paying for the rooms you can get a membership (usually free) and take advantage of it for free seat upgrades, concierge floors, private waiting rooms (at the airport), etc. Also the points/miles will help you pay for vacations.

    One other thing I learned the hard way, check which planes your flight is using. For domestic flights there is a plane by a company called McDonald Douglas and their overheads are a lot smaller than other planes. I've had two carryon sized bags that didn't fit that I had to gate check. I think they won't fit anything bigger than a 19-20" bag while others will fit up to a 22" bag. All the ones ones I've been on have three seats on one side and two on the other with the coach kitchen about 3/4 back on the plane instead of the very back by the restrooms.

    Feel free to ask or PM me if you have any questions or want more tips... I feel like I just wrote a novel.
  10. :yes: and you can always hang the garments in the bathroom, turn the shower on HOT, and close the bathroom door for 5 minutes. (The goal is NOT to have the clothes exposed to the water directly.) It steams your clothes a little and when they dry they are less wrinkly.

    This is also helpful if you didn't have time to get a suit cleaned! Just do that and spray the bathroom with perfume, then let the suit dry.
  11. I totally 100% agree with this! If you travel a lot, CHECK the bulk of your luggage. It makes your life sooo much easier. Unless you travel direct flights in first class, in which case you won't be bothered quite as much by doing all carry on.

    I have found that it's much better for my sanity on a trip to bring all the stuff I love/may want to use (work out clothes, bathing suit, extra pair of cool jeans) just in case I want to go out at night after work, so I don't travel light and just check a bag instead.

    If you have a corporate american express card, check the contract! Sometimes the contract includes a clause for travel insurance and if a bag gets lost, you can recover some $, but you'll need to look into it.

    I personally carry a purse on carryon and a sectional rolling laptop bag. The laptop bag carries all of my business documents/laptop and also has an extra pocket big enough to fit a spare suit. I keep one suit in that pocket in case my luggage gets lost. I also keep toothpaste/toothbrush/facial cleaner/etc in a ziplock in my purse, in case my luggage gets lost. You just need to remember to take the ziplock out for screening, or you will get flagged and they will search your bag.

    I travel quite a bit and I have only once had lost luggage. It turned out to just be delayed. They delivered it to my hotel the day after I arrived. Having that spare suit in my carry on was enough to get my through the trip.
  12. Umm, then for the liquid part. Does it mean EVERYTHING that has liquid in it like, pens and etc. You can't bring on the plane? :yucky:
  13. ^ God, no. Go to for a list of items that you need to put in a 3 ounce zip-lock bag. This is things like baby formula, shampoo, liquid makeup, water, etc.
  14. Tips:

    Bring a carry-on rolling suitcase. 22'' inches or under. Many smaller planes will only take a 19'' or 20'' bag into the overhead compartments. DON'T check luggage. Losing luggage is frequent and it's a hassle if you are working and are supposed to be meeting deadlines.

    Don't pack more than you need. Don't bring excess amounts of makeup if you won't wear it. Just take whatever you use on a daily basis -- nothing more. If you need something, you can buy it when you get there. People bringing three different facial creams is ridiculous, and I would only suggest doing that if you have a skin disease or condition.

    Do not pack useless things that you won't need when you are working, such as a bathing suit. Don't pack outfits to work out in if you are on a short business trip. You probably won't have time.

    Always bring an extra pair of underwear, socks. Only take two pairs of shoes. If you bring a dressy pair, bring a very comfortable pair of flat shoes.

    Don't pack things like linen that wrinkle easily. Roll your clothes to keep them free of wrinkles, and it's easier to see what you brought when you open your bag.

    Bring one bag besides your suitcase. Or, if you bring a laptop, make sure it's in a bag that you can easily hook onto your suitcase for easy maneuver, and then bring a smaller bag or purse for basic things, like your 3 ounce liquid bag.

    Take clothing that easily matches with other items. Don't bring a shirt if you only can wear it with one pair of pants or skirt. Bring basic items that won't be damaged easily, I.E. don't bring a sequined top that can get ripped. Take a pair or two of black pants, or lighter coloured pants that are lightweight and comfortable.

    In whatever bag you carry on, always keep an extra pair of underwear and socks along with toiletries in case your bag is lost, if you check it. You might be stranded somewhere, and that extra clothing is a necessity.

    If you put toiletries in your suitcase, ALWAYS make sure they are sealed in a zip-lock bag, even if you check the item. I've heard stories of things spilling all over clothing, and it feels silly if you can easily prevent that from ever happening. It'll make you feel a lot better when something spills all over the inside of a bag instead of all over a new blouse.

    And no matter what, do not bring things that adds bulk. If you are unsure about something, don't bring it. It will just make your suitcase heavier. And if you realize you need it once you get there? Go out to a local store and buy it in the smallest quantity possible.
  15. i travel 40% for work. if you can live without liquids, do it. i use mineral makeup now, and i use makeup remover towlettes that are dry (you just add water to use them). i pack dresses. no ironing, they don't take up much space, and you still look put together. i make sure all my clothes coordinate with one pair of dress shoes, so that's all i need to bring. not checking bags makes life soooo much easier!! also, instead of a laptop bag, get a laptop backpack. makes traveling light a lot easier, and you can stuff your magazine, wallet, etc. in there too!