business schools in france

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  1. hi everyone! i just want to know which schools in france are really good (campus, food, neighborhood, shopping places nearby-haha, etc.), and why.

    im considering the ff:
    lille catholic university
    ESC Rennes, Pau or Dijon
    management institute of paris

    which of those would you prefer?

  2. My DH is a finance professor and has taught at several school in Europe. As I understand it, on the basis of pure academics, the best business schools in France are:

    INSEAD in Fontainbleau
    HEC Paris
    ESSEC, Cergy-Pontoise Cedex (near Paris)

    All these are near Paris so you would enjoy all the advantages of living within commuting distance to the capital. In particular, I've heard from more than one source that INSEAD's campus, food, etc. are wonderful.

    I wish you much good luck in finding a school that suit your needs (including your shopping needs :P). You are going to have a wonderful experience!
  3. INSEAD is the very best
  4. From what I have heard,the very best would be HEC Paris for locals,very hard to get into.Many top French execs have a degree from HEC. INSEAD is more well-known for foreigners.