business haircut

  1. Dear Ladies,
    i would like to ask for your advices!
    I am going to work for an international private bank
    (between london-zurich-dubai) and would like to have a great new haircut which looks professional, feminine and easy to style.
    i am 29, my current hairstyle is long, a bit wavy bob(no layers) with bangs which i try to grow out:smile:. my haircolor is natural brunette.
    what do you recommend????
  2. How about a shorter, layered bob? I really like Posh Spice Victoria Beckham's new haircut.
  3. i like VB's haircut but i think it is maybe not the best choice for my job!!!???
  4. How about a shorter bob and then straighten? I love bob haircuts, they always look classy and professional.
  5. I would probably cut it to a medium length with some slight face framing layers in a slight bob. You could easily blow it out with a round brush.
  6. Why not keep it as is and roll it into a bun? or a French role?
  7. Hmmm..

    I would say shoulder-length and straight. And you could always just put it up in a sleek chignon.
  8. what do you guys think about a chin-lengh bob without layers?
    since i will be travelling much, i am also think about to straighten my hair permanently...or does it will look too flat???
  9. Thats exactly what I was thinking:tup: