Business Etiquette and Coach

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  1. I was at the doctors office reading Time yesterday and was reading an article on Business etiquette. The writer went to an etiquette instructor who looked her over and when she got to her bag she told her to get a Coach. I thought that was the coolest freakin' thing ever!
  2. That is so cool !
  3. That is too cool! Just curious - but did they mention why (other than we all have fabulous taste and the writer should emulate us)?
  4. You had to look professional and together. Coach brough that look together.
  5. oh coach, so functional and pretty.
  6. great article!!!!

    Coach = Class

    live it, love it!
  7. See....carry a fabulous bag and you can always look put together! :tup:
  8. haha did anyone notice that the writer's name is Andrea Sachs, like in The Devil Wears Prada? :tup:

  9. LOL......did not notice that at first.....and I loved the book and the movie!!

    Interesting article...:tup: to the Coach reference!!
  10. You see, they are smart business decisions (as if we needed another excuse!!!!).
  11. lol, that's cute!
  12. Good article. It certainly pays to be well put together. Too bad we can't deduct them as business expenses!
  13. My thought exactly. :graucho:
  14. a nice leather hamptons business tote can pull together any suit around!