Business/credit card holder...

  1. So I have an excuse to buy something from H :graucho: My beloved Brighton business card holder broke. My stepmom gave it to me after landing my first professional job and having my own business card. The pretty engraved top of it broke off today and it looks terrible!

    However, the second (okay, maybe first) thing I thought was, "Now I can get a nice Hermes business card holder!" :nuts: I called my SA, but found out that she is in the hospital after having surgery - I hadn't stopped by since she went on vacation earlier this month. Another nice SA helped me out and gave me some suggestions.

    I'm stopping by Hermes tomorrow morning, while on my way to a friend's baby shower, to see what they have. Maybe I'll pick something up! :nuts:

    Do any of you ladies have an Hermes business/credit card holder? I would like to use it for business cards, but also to maybe hold a couple of extra cards - my wallet is chock full of cards, it seems :rolleyes:

    What style and leather do you recommend? I'm thinking of something in raisin, rose shocking, fuchsia or in the red family :graucho:

  2. Thanks, diana! :smile: I really like the Clarisse PM. Anyone know the retail? I think one of those threads mentioned in the $300-400 range? The two options the SA gave me over the phone were $310 and $320, and one in fjord leather, one in chevre.
  3. [​IMG]
    I use the smallest clarisse and it works wonderfully.
  4. ^ Beautiful, Sus. What's the retail price, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Christina, mine was $390.
  6. i have the larger clarisse, i love that smaller one you have sus. but my experience with the clarisse is that the corners are quite sharp.

    does anyone have the small dogon half-size wallet? it only has one opening i think.
  7. Sus, I love the burst of rainbow colours in your avatar photo! May we have a blown up picture? And is that a new birkin? :nuts:
  8. Yes, Sus, post a larger picture :nuts:

    I'm excited to go to Hermes tomorrow and see what I find! :graucho: Maybe I'll come home with something.
  9. I'm not in the market for a cardholder, so I don't have specific information to share. But I have noticed that there are MANY new cardholders in the showcase of my store. A couple of them are in black box and very simple in design.

    Have a fun time at your store and report back, Cristina! Hope you find a fun colour you like.