Business Cardholder

  1. My dad recently mentioned that he was looking for a metal business cardholder. Does anyone have any suggestions that I can look into? I know LV has one, but it's in canvas. Do they also offer a metal one? Other brands would be great too! Thanks!
  2. Oh, I bet Hermes has a fantastic one! hehehehehe. I bought my dad's at Fossil though!
  3. AWWW shucks, Shu, I thought you were going to say that you got a job with JP Morgan in Manhattan so you need a business card holder (and you were going to hook me up with all your coworkers).

    Good to see you, I misssssed you!
  4. Okay, but seriously. I do have valid responses.

    Try Tiffany's. They have some relatively inexpensive ones that your dad might like.
  5. i second the tiffany's suggestion.

    they have quite a few styles but this one is my favorite for men it is very masculine and classy.

    things remembered (that personalization shop in the mall) also has a few styles that are stainless steel. they're quite nice if you want to spend less. :smile:
  6. Zero Halliburton also makes lovely card cases similar to their briefcases.
  7. I received a business card case from Kenneth Cole which I love a lot. It's a black canvas outside but a metal casing inside. Not sure about availability though.
  8. Thanks guys! I'll definitely look into those!

    And I missed you too IntlSet!!!
  9. Definitely getting him something personalized will be sooo special and treasured :smile:
  10. There's also Muji which is really inexpensive!
  11. Does he like novelty? I can do customized company or name logos / initials,or just plain jet black/ corporate colors in Swarouski crystals.
    DSC00523.jpg DSC01839.jpg th_DSC00480.jpg th_Montana.jpg
  12. I would also try Nordstrom's men department. They usually have really nice accessories there as well (also women's...since it's metal, it can be gender neutral).
  13. Thanks for the all the great ideas guys.

    And Lyn, those pictures are fantastic!! I'm always amazed at how much talent fellow PFers have...unlike myself. Haha.