Business Card Holder

  1. I remember a thread about Coach Leather Business Card Holders a little while ago, but I can't seem to find the thread anymore.

    Does anyone know what colors they come in?
    Are they still available in the boutiques or in the outlets?

    Thank you!
  2. I see the business card holders at the outlets all the time. Some of them seem to be an outlet exclusive item because they are the mini signature fabric. But I have also seen leather ones near the men's wallet display too.
  3. They have them at the outlets everytime I go in black leather.
  4. im searching online right now and i all i can find are the ones that are very manly...blah. so do any of you lovely ladies know if they even make pretty ones? or do you use a mini skinny instead. sorry if this was already brought up...:]]
  5. A mini skinny is a little you want something that doesn't zip and just has slots to slide cards into? Chanel makes my favorite ones like that but they run about 200 dollars.
  6. They have a lot of card case at outlets.. mini sig in red, black, khaki.. The red one is pretty cute ..
  7. i want hmm...i guess i can try a mini out in the store and see how it does. it's just stinky that they don't have any pretty ones right now :[[
  8. im not close to any outlet :[[ the closest one is over 3 hrs away...hmm
  9. Aww - well eBay is an option. :yes:
  10. looked on eBay..there is a decent green i am watching it.