Business card holder - Vernis Gris or Multicolore Grenade (black)?

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  1. I'm considering one of the two above business card holders but having trouble deciding - opinions welcome. I'm leaning fairly strongly at this point towards the Gris because - although I find the MC insanely cute in the Grenade, I'm concerned that it's not nearly as "professional" - I can envision situations where I would feel a little bit self-conscious whipping the MC out. The Gris seems more polished. For reference, I'm a lawyer in a fairly conservative work context (I deal with the government and military a lot).

    Any issues with the Vernis like scratching? I've seen comments on here that fingerprints can be an issue with the darker colors, but doesn't seem to be as much of a problem for lighter.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The Gris, looks more professionel and think you will feel more confertabel using it.
    I have a venris Noisette from 2005 or something, and still looks brand new. And if you choose a light colour you don't have to worry about fingerprints:smile:
  3. Vernis!
  4. vernis

    multicolor will chip off
  5. ^Vernis. True about MC.
  6. Gris!
  7. I say Vernis too, as for MC chipping off, NOT TRUE!! I have had my MC black cles for over 7yrs now, use it daily and many times per day, NOT a chip off it. Just a FYI, Wow, I sound so defensive, but I love my MC bags and accessories, taken care of properly, chipping is not an issue.:nuts:
  8. vernis!
  9. You are right. The Gris Vernis looks more professional.
  10. Mc!
  11. Gris. I am LOVING this color!
  12. Vernis
  13. Definitely vernis!!
  14. Gris!
  15. vernis gris