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  1. I am over here kicking myself in the forehead because I managed to order my business cards just a hair big and not I can't use my Kate Spade card case...which I bought in May for a bday gift and have had in it's pkg without ever using or opening since I got it...just waiting for my cards to come in. I have a case I can't use, and no case for the beautiful letterpress cards I had made.

    I need your help finding a SQUARE case of some sort about 3x3 and flat if possible. I thought perhaps a nice "compact mirror" case or something but have yet to find something that would work.

    I am considering selling my Kate Spade one since I have zero use for it. Is eBay the best way to do that?
  2. If you have a Mori Luggage store or can find them online-I just bought my son a new business card case for Christmas. They had a large variety of styles there.:rolleyes:
  3. Ill check them out... I am really hopeful I can find something square. I did spot a square case on Etsy that's a tad bigger than I need but it may work...

    Any other ideas?
  4. May have found the perfect thing on Crane's site.

  5. Louis Vuitton have a nice Business card holder for about $180.00 ish.:yes: