Bush vetoes stem cell research bill...

  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/19/washington/19cnd-stem.html?hp&ex=1153368000&en=c59f214cb1301b12&ei=5094&partner=homepage

    I didn't see any other posts about this, but I just thought I'd share this in case some of you are interested in the issue. This really makes me sad, I heard earlier that the Senate had passed the bill and I was very hopeful until I just did a search now and the first thing that came up had the word "veto" in it. :sad:

    I really wish the current administration would stop using moral/religious beliefs as an excuse to try to stand in the way of progress(not just scientific), which seems to be sort of a trend lately.
  2. This also makes me really sad too...as if cutting the child medicare budget in many areas is not enough damage to our health care system :crybaby:
  3. Isn't this the first and only time W has exercise his power to veto? Wait til he or someone he loves has a disease in which a cured could be found through stem cell research. Then he'll change his tune. :whistle:
  4. Yeah, it's the only time. And honestly, I think he's the kind of person that would put his political/religious/moral/whatever beliefs before someone he loves. If he doesn't care about the U.S. falling behind in this area which could give hope and help to so many people, then you have to wonder how compassionate he really is and what's really important to him.
  5. i can't stand bush.
  6. I did not vote for and am not a fan of Bush but I personally lean against embryonic stem cell research. I don't quite understand why not just take the stem cells by other means (ie; adult tissue, umbilical cords, etc.) which has been just as successful if not more? Why just embryos? It is not the only way to obtain them. (I've also read the adult stem cells are superior to embryonic ones.)
  7. I veto Bush.
  8. If only.
  9. Now, I have not done a lot of research on this subject, but what I have read agrees with what Bags posted.

    I know that my view is against the majority here, but I like Bush.
  10. This veto is no surprise. Pandering at its finest (as usual)
  11. What's really weird is that he claims to be 'pro-life,' which means he's against stem cell research and against abortion.

    When you compare that to the the fact that he finds no problem sending thousands of soldiers into Iraq to die and he comes from a state the promotes the death penalty . . . . can he TRULY be pro-life?
  12. I lean on the conservative side, but I support stem cell research. I've seen too many people I love die from diseases that we know little about. If stem cell research can help us learn about these diseases, and possibly find a cure, why not support it? I'm also pro-choice, and I understand that a lot of people lump the issues together.
  13. The issue is due to potency, and stem cells range from pluripotent (only able to be used for limited usage, only capable to become a few different cells in the body) to Totipotent (capable of becoming ANY tissue in the body). We have learned that some pluripotent cells can be coaxed into being capable of becoming more flexible.
    Embryonic stem cells are obviously Totipotent and have been used to grow brain and blood cells.

    There are literally hundreds of thousands of surplus frozen embryos from IVF procedures...I know some people that have 5-10 embryos that would love to donate them for use. These are people that have had their children and do not plan to use the leftover embryos for fertility treatment but do not simply want to destroy them or donate them. It's estimated that there are up to half a million leftover embryos!
  14. Adult stems cells have a lot of potential for use but they can be VERY painful and/or difficult to extract (taking bone marrow for example).

    Many people want to use embryonic stems cells (those leftover from fertility treatments especially) since they will usually just be discarded anyway.
  15. Geroge Bush is an idiot (generally) and is demonstrating it particularly well with this veto. It doesn't help anyone, just gives him an in with the religious right.

    All those horrible diseases -- now a longer wait for a cure.