Bush and Tonight's State Funeral Events

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  1. From what I have seen, Bush will not attend tonight's ceremonial events, but will speak on Tuesday. Sources say his actions in not attending tonight are due to the pothumously released remarks whereby President Ford criticized the Iraq war situation.
    Personally I feel that a sitting president should have more dignity and integrity than that. It doesn't say much for a person if they always snub someone who has made constructively critical remarks about them. It's a sign of cowardice in my opinion. I think Bush should have attended tonight. Especially since he is in the country and not away on some pressing official business.

    So I wanted to know other's thoughts on the matter.
  2. ITA. The passing of a president should take precedence over political disagreements. When I read how little Bush would be involved, I think it's petty and insulting to a former president.
  3. Surely there's more to it than that. I doubt he's not attending for that reason, or at least not that reason alone.
  4. ITA!
  5. From everything I read on the Washington Post website, the Bushes didn't want to shorten their vacation in Texas. When asked if their absence for the official ceremonies leading up to the DC funeral has anything to do with Pres. Ford's views on the Iraq War, Bush's spokesman declined to answer. To me (JMO) that implies that it's a factor. To be fair, several top Democrats will also be absent.
  6. I know he and his family were evacuted last night in Crawford for tornadoes. . . could be a contributor{?}
  7. Unless he broke a bone, I can't think of any reason for him not going to the funeral of one of the greatest presidents in the US history.

    OMG I seriously can't think of one nice thing to say about Bush, and I don't want to write a post that worths a book in this forum. I'll shut up.

    God Bless America.
  8. only a broken bone with stop him from having his vacation

  9. Oh gah. Everyone should be showing their respect to a former president. Especially the current President.
  10. That is so rude and mean not to attend a former presidents memorial because they didnt want to shorten their vacation? :cursing: Im sure he can waste more time in Texas in the future, but this memorial will only be once.
  11. I certainly don't know the real reasons, but there's a message given when the spokesman doesn't even deny that Ford's views on Iraq could be why Bush's involvement will only be at the National Cathedral itself (as I understand it). I have such strong feelings about some political figures that I should know better than to even post. Sorry for any offence.
  12. I would think there is more involved too, this may just be how the story is being skewed.
  13. ^^
  14. O yea, he's having his vacation right? I've heard that he's being affected by some weather-related stuff, but it's not important enough to stay on the news... at least I can't find it on the first page of CNN anymore.

    When there were people dying in New Orleans, he was complaining about his vacation being shortened by 2 days (i don't remember how many days, but you get the idea). Now we have one already dead man, I suppose it's fine...

    OMG I promise I'll shut up and have a good night sleep.
  15. None of the living presidents were there as far as I could see. I think this service was only for family, certain friends, House members (current and former), etc.. and that the living presidents including Bush and other dignitaries will be attending Tuesday's service. One thing I did hear though is that people were pissed that he didn't announce a day of remembrance until Thursday whereas when Reagan died, he announced it immediately.

    I may be wrong but this is my understanding.
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