Burt Bacharach & Angie Dickinson's Daughter Has Committed Suicide !!

  1. My brother has asperger's syndrome and it is EXTREMELY difficult for the sufferer and their family. Asperger's is a mild form of autism and the people who have it often appear to be highly funtioning individuals on the outside. On the inside they suffer from anxiety, depression and a lot of OC behaviors. Only recently did people begin to become aware of it. I really feel for that family....
  2. That is sad!! I am sorry.
  3. That is so sad! My son is slightly autistic and while he doesn't look like anything is wrong with him he has a way of doing things that you better not mess with. I am just so thankful that he was born now and not years ago! The schools are so much better equipped to deal with this now and he is doing well in middle school and adjusting fairly well. My heart goes out to the parents, raising a child with any form of autism is a rough life.
  4. this is soo sad.. may her soul rest in peace..
  5. Very Sorry to read this...Very sad for them...
  6. That is just heart breaking. My thoughts are with her and her family.
  7. My heart goes out to them.
  8. That's so sad!!
  9. That's really sad. I can't even imagine how Angie feels, since she was her only child. I'm sure it was really challenging to raise her through the years, and to lose her to suicide as an adult must be so devastating.
  10. My prayers are with her family right now. I hope she has found peace.
  11. My thoughts go to the family.
  12. This story is so very sad, she must of felt that suicide was the only answer. My prayers are with her and her family.
  13. That is so sad to hear. It puts things in perspective--I'm counting my blessings.