Burnt Sienna Stam

  1. [​IMG]

    This is the first i've heard about this color.. Is it just super-super new for 06?

    Has anyone seen it in person? What did you think of it? More redish or orangish? What is it lined with?

    I just totally fell in love when i saw this bag in the other thread.. The color looks so gorgeous! :drool: I've never felt this way about a Stam before, hehe


    _Sammy xx
  2. ^ Saddle Brown (orangy-brown) is a Resort 06 color for Quilted Classic line. Stam is lined with dark brown (chocolate colored) canvas. I saw it at MJ store last week.
  3. Oh okay.. Personally, what did you think of the color? I was snooping around a little and it seems people havn't totally loved it. Is this picture a good representation of the color, you think?
  4. ^ I only saw it on the display. I usually don't like brown too much so I didn't even pick it up. If I remember correctly, it's not as bright; the lighting makes the color look nicer than it is in real life. Call Christine & ask her. =)
  5. Okay, thanks so much for your help!! :smile: I'll definitely call her. You're totally the all-knowing Marc Jacobs queen, hehe
  6. That's just what I was about to say bag.lover. XOChristie has seen it in real life. She works at NM, so she can tell you for sure.