Burnt Orange ergo pleated tote

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  1. I got a call from my SA today letting me know the ergo pleated tote is available as of 4/3 in the burnt orange color. She told me they had 800 in the distribution center. I would rather see it IRL than to just order it. I wonder how the kisslock will hold up. I have the valentine's scarf print wristlet that has a kisslock and my slim envelope has a kisslock and so does my Bridgit, but this would have to be used EVERY time you open and close it from what I can tell. On a busy day this could be 50-60 times!! But the bag is so cute. It seems to have a really nice drop 9.25", too. Anyone plan on getting one??
  2. I plan to get it but only after seeing IRL, and ofcourse will try to get it with PCE.sure will save some $$
  3. You don't have to use the kisslock every time - there are pockets on either side of the centre, which is the part that closes with the kisslock.

    My SA actually owns the bag and let me try it on, and I have to say that the straps were not as long as I had hoped they would be. I'm not a small girl (5'2", 200 pounds), but I would not have been able to carry it on my shoulder with a suit jacket on. That being said, it is absolutely beautiful. It has tattersall lining. My SA has the tan patent, and it looks stunning.

    If you really want it, I would order it: the girls in my boutique were talking about how they all want one (in different colours, thank goodness!), so I don't think it's going to be a bag that sticks around for long!!
  4. I am also opting on the real life experience. When I don't do that, I'm a bit disappointed it seems. I just ordered a key fob that I wasn't tremendously overjoyed with when I got it, and I've done that with bags in the past.

    As for the kiss lock, none of them hold up after a while...but usually the frame bags are the worst because yes, you use them constantly and they support the entire bag. I always see these at TJ Maxx where they won't stay closed anymore, and I do know this has been a big issue with the Betsey Johnson kiss lock frame bags.

    I wouldn't worry so much if you don't use the bag every day, but I would hope that if something does happen, then Coach would repair it. At this point I worry less about that than actually liking the bag. I've already been told by some people they look like "old lady bags"...WHAT??? I don't think so! I don't carry old lady bags, lol! But I do want to see it in person because I'm a bit concerned about the color IRL because the colors frequently don't look anything like the swatches or pictures. I"m hoping someone will post pics of the real bag soon!!
  5. I promise to post pics today !! It should be here by 3:00 p.m. according to my tracker.
  6. when is this item going to be released in stores?
  7. Pursegal I cant wait to see your pleated satchel I will keep checking back!
  8. I am so stalking you today..... [in a non-stalkerish way!]

  9. I love the look of this bag, but I kind figured the straps would be too short - I suppose it is labeled as a satchel after all... I think I have my eye on the tote version in maybe burnt orange though. :graucho:

    Can't wait for your pics pursegal!
  10. I do not plan on using this everyday, so I am not too worried about the overuse of the kisslock. I am planning on the pink patent, though. It is too beautiful not to buy it!