BURNT my bag at a wedding :(

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  1. I burnt my bag :crybaby:. I went to a wedding tonight and carried my partition, which I usually do on nice occasions. It was a gift from my SO 3 or 4 years ago as an anniversary gift. I took it to the bathroom with my SIL and rested it on the counter to put on some lip gloss, and had it resting on a glass bowl. IN that glass bowl were those %^*#$@ floating candles :rant: and one floated its way over to the edge of the bowl, and my bag I guess was leaning against it and SOMEHOW began burning my ^*&%^@# bag!!! :blink::cursing::crybaby: My SIL smelt BURNING as I was applying some blush, and my heart dropped. It's not noticeable really - but it's bad :Push:. It's got a serious melted spot in the back - I mean, at least it's not in the front - but...:crybaby:...I'm really sad. Cry with me.
  2. sorry, I bet you are so mad..at least it is at the back though.
  3. Awww... I'm sooo sorry to hear about this!!!! That's just horrible... :sad:
  4. Aww.... sorry about that.
  5. Aww. I'm sorry that happened to you. *Hugs*
  6. Oh, you poor thing! I am crying with you, that sucks. At least it's on the back, as you said.
  7. Oh I am so sorry that happened to you...:crybaby:
  8. oh i'm sooo sorry that it happen to you my heart would melt toooo !!

    well i just it was just a rumour that LV bags don't burn? lol
  9. Seriously ouch :crybaby:Would it be possible bring it into LV boutique and ask some assistance ?
  10. :crybaby:
  11. that is terrible! at least itsnot as bad as that one a few weeks ago on ebay with a huge hole burnt into it.
  12. That's horrible! I'm so sorry :crybaby:
  13. To the best of my knowledge, LV does not do canvas repairs...which I think is the stupidest thing in the world honestly. It's not burnt through to the inner canvas material - but whatever coats the canvas is very obviously flammable :cursing: and it like...freaking MELTED - like how plastic does. It feels all gross to touch it - like melted plastic. :crybaby:
  14. aww, sorry about that! I'm sometimes clumsy and so surprised that hasn't happened to me yet. Good thing the burn mark is on the back at least!
  15. Aw I'm sorry...:sad: