burning LVs????crazzyyy...

  1. I was told from a friend that when Louis Vuitton does not sell something,they burn the items...they never have sales so they just burn the handbags or whatever...crazy don't you think?They do that so people won't copy or something..i don't know if you guys are getting my point loll..but thats soo crazy :wtf::Push:
  2. LOL I have heard that too and it IS just sad to think about.
  3. i know lolll
  4. I've heard that about Chanel but NEVER LV- I think they just keep it around until it sells (hence the current availability of some Cerise pieces).
  5. Chanel does the same....... Acutally i don't think it's as "bad" as Chanel cuz many LV items are put back in the inventory for resale if someone comes back to exchange/return it, whereas Chanel burns EVERYTHING (including returned items like these). So in a way, I like how Chanel does it. Who would want a used bag like that???? If you go to the store, obviously it's to get a brandnew item, so it's almost like buying 2nd hand (which is different from buying on Ebay)
  6. I heard that once the bags are recalled to the warehouse, they ask the SA's if they are interested in it, and they would be able to purchase at a lower price. But once that is done and there are still items left, then whatever is left gets destroyed. The reason why the Cerises line is still around is because the line hasnt been recalled yet. When I purchased the Mono Mat Shelton in August, my SA told me that the bags were about to be destroyed (My SA actually had to call the warehouse for mine because the original one they had sent in for me was in terrible condition, so thank GOODNESS I actually got one!!). LV does, however, have material left over in case any of the bags need to be sent in for repairs.. but Vuitton just won't have the line for sale any longer.

    I think Laurence also said that defective items are destroyed as well.
  7. :crybaby:Poor bags if that's true. :crybaby:
  8. Yeh, it's pretty sad.. :crybaby:
  9. That's kinda sad, I feel sorry for those poor bags :cry: But I don't understand why Chanel does it as I tought they had an outlet sale somewhere?
  10. What a waste! They could give those bags to ME.:lol:
  11. awwww, poor bags. I can get rid of the bags for them! :graucho:
  12. Ahhh!! That makes me SO sad!! :sad: I always hate hearing about companies who have perfectly good merchandise and they just throw it away or burn it or whatever..

  13. :crybaby: So sad just bcos I want all of them :P
  14. Chanel is doing that too??? Poor bags..Now I need to find out how to get a job in the warehouse..LOL
  15. UGh. My heart just broke thinking about those beautiful bags!