burning a chanel bag to authenticate it..

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  1. Ok so a friend of a friend of mine..apparently heard that if your chanel bags are real..nothing will happen to them if you burn them..(how? i dont know)..and she suggested that i try it to mine..and her friend tried this and nothing happened to their bags..anyone ever heard of this?? or tried it?? :nuts: Personally Im not going to try it because i know that mine are real! :biggrin:
  2. Wow are you serious! I'll never ever do that to my bags!
  3. This is the joke cracked by my younger cousin to me as they can't justify the price I paid for my Chanels. They always said silly stuffs to anger me, 'Burning my Chanel to prove is real' is one of them. LOL
  4. is she for real? :wtf:

    i would not even dare! :smile: :nono:
  5. Yeah this has to be some kind of joke your friend said sorry. Nobody in their right mind would burn their purses just to see if they're real. Scratch that. Nobody would burn their purses at all, period.
  6. Even bricks, diamonds can chip, let alone a leather bag. If cows or sheep wont get burnt, then it works on Chanel
  7. HAHAHA that friend of your friend is either silly or joking. If you burnt the bag, it wouldn't matter if it was real or not now would it!?
  8. leather is gonna burn for sure, but real leather won't spread the fire as fast as the fake ones. Have your friend walk in Chanel boutique and request the test to see what SA will do :devil:
  9. :roflmfao::lol::roflmfao::lol:
  10. :noggin:
  11. hehe, that is kinda like burning a stack of $1000 bills right.. its against the law to burn currency.. :death:
  12. Lol Classic Chic and rabbitlover09! You guys are funny.
  13. Oh my! I would never. This is quite the theory.:wacko:
  14. :roflmfao: this is hilarious!
  15. Don't even go there!
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