Burned, bitter and not trusting anyone

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  1. I'm fairly new to the world of LV and have done quite a bit of research about buying used bags here and on several other authentication guide sites and from sellers such as Fashionphile etc. Here is my cautionary tale:

    I had told a few friends that I was in the market for an LV purse. Anyway, yesterday I got a call from a friend of a friend saying she had a Cabas Piano for sale. This girl is a university student and she told me the bag was a gift from her parents who bought it at an LV store in Maui a couple of years ago. I went to meet her and look at the bag. Because it was too dark in the coffee house to see it properly, we went to her nearby apartment -- a luxury waterfront apartment -- and I compared the bag to a few Cabas Pianos that had been authenticated online. The bag looked good with normal wear and tear but I was troubled by the placement of the D-ring and the date code that read F0101. The D-ring was on the side of the purse, not in the inside pocket, and the date code was on a leather loop on the other side of the bag with the model number on side and the "code" on the other. The interior wasn't brown canvas but beige vachetta, and the inside pocket was lined with an odd kind of yellow synthetic.

    I pointed these discrepancies out to her and she said she didn't know about the details of the purse, but that her parents bought her the bag at an LV store, and that she wanted to sell it because she never used it. She said she wasn't selling it on e-bay because she'd had problems there before -- didn't specify what -- and that her parents weren't the type to buy a bag that was a fake. She said her mother had lots of LVs and that as they lived in a different province, wouldn't realize that she no longer had their gift (I'd asked her why she would sell a gift, or at least not keep it until she felt like she wanted to use it).

    My radar was going off a little but she seemed very sincere, and I wondered why she would ask me back to her place and go through all that trouble if she knew it was a fake. We spent at least an hour together and she didn't seem at all worried if I didn't buy it. No pressure. So...I bought it for cash. And now of course I believe it is a fake.

    I e-mailed her late last night telling her politely that I had done more research and thought it was a fake, and that although I believed she thought it was real, I wanted my money refunded. No response so far. I have her number and will call her if I don't hear from her today. I know that she is under no legal obligation to refund my money -- caveat emptor and all that -- but morally, she should.

    It's possible that her parents gave her a fake (no receipt was available) and that she genuinely believes it's real. Or, more likely, she's just another con artist peddling counterfeit bags, or unloading a counterfeit bag. It's awkward, too, because my close friend recommended her to me.

    I guess my next LV purchase will be at a store. What really bugs me apart from the bad experience and the money is that I gave this person the benefit of a doubt, and now I am the loser. Grrr....
  2. oh my god!!! that's absolutely horrible I know exactly how you feel I was really angry when I recieved my fake balenciaga a couple years back....I hope you are able to get your refund. Did you tell your close friend what happened?
  3. Awww, did you give her a lot for the purse? That's sad she might of sold you a fake. :sad:
    I hope all the best to you, especially during this holiday season. That's too bad this happened to you.
  4. Yikes!! Sorry that happened to you:sad:
  5. Sorry this happened to you....Good luck on your refund.
  6. No, I haven't told my friend yet because I am hoping this can be resolved. I will tell her if it isn't. If the seller doesn't respond, or do the right thing, then I guess I'll know that it was all a scam.

    I feel stupid and angry at myself for going against my better judgment on top of everything else. My husband says who cares, it's a nice bag, but I won't buy or use a fake for many reasons, including the one that proceeds often go to fund terrorism and other evils.

    It wasn't THAT cheap either -- I bought her story that she wanted to let it go for less than she could sell it on e-bay or at a consignment store because she was well off and just wanted to sell it quickly and privately.

    I would have rather given the money to charity, or put it toward a real bag. Either way, I've been ripped off. And to think I thought it was safer to buy a bag in person, through a friend's recommendation, than online! No fool like an old fool, I guess.
  7. I feel terrible that this has happened to you. I hope you get your refund. I know if it were me I probably would ignore the warning signals too because the seller was your friend's friend.
  8. sorry this happened to you! don't feel stupid because you trusted your friend. just hope everything works out
  9. I feel so sorry for this happen to you. Hope she will refund you the money. It doesn't matter how much that you paid. it matters that you paid for a real bag. If it is not, she should pay you back. Good luck to you.
  10. Yes, it's definately possible she thought it was real. Think about if you didn't have all the knowledge you do about LV. You would probably think the bag you have is real. The date code should have been a huge clue to you as you mentioned. For the year 1911 that bag must have held up well! lol

    I told a woman in a store once that her purse was fake. NO, I didn't go up to her she came up to me trying to get me to sell Mary Kay (Oh soo annoying-sorry to ladies who do this but I don't want to be annoyed while shopping). She really did seem to think her purse was real and said a "rich aunt" gave it to her. She actually said no this is real. I was like ummm NO and in fact anyone could spot this fake a mile away. It was a fake MC speedy with the matching quad to the LV. I am certain until that moment she though he bag was real. She sure was flaunting it!
  11. Definitely fake - that date code doesn't make any sense. According to that date code, the bag was made in month 00 of the year 1911 (or 2011, but both are equally nonsensical) :confused1:

    An example of a valid date code is 0979 - means the hypothetical bag was made in July of 1999.

    I hope that you can get your money back!
  12. Oops, I meant to add that while a wacky datecode is a sure way to tell that a bag is fake, a valid datecode does not necessarily mean that a bag is authentic. Fakers are getting smarter these days and often use date codes that make sense in fake bags :cursing:
  13. sorry to hear about your dilemma...it sucks...sigh..it's sad to hear that you may be ripped off by a friend's friend. good luck on getting resolution.

    offtopic: but I read F0101 as OCTOBER 2001
  14. I know date codes are tricky, but yeah, I should have said I wasn't interested right then and there because I knew that it didn't make sense. I let my emotions cloud my judgment. And the fact that I haven't heard from the seller tells me she knows she sold me a fake. I phoned and left a message a few minutes ago. She got back to me quickly enough when she wanted to sell it.

    What a lying, two-faced thief. I can't even bear to look at the bag -- I am going to throw it out if I don't get a refund, which seems unlikely.

    But I blame myself the most for not walking away.
  15. I am so sorry that you are in this situation. Good luck in getting your money back - please keep us updated. Sending you positive vibes...