"Burn Notice"

  1. Anyone watch this show? I love it - it reminds me of the old MacGyver, and Magnum PI. Plus, the main star is very easy on the eyes. I can't remember if it is on USA or TNT.

    A CIA guy is put out in the cold in Miami, no access, no money, no nothing and has to figure out why the Company put a 'burn notice' on him. He takes odd jobs helping people in difficult situations that require his special skills to try and make some money to survive while trying to figure out why he was dropped by the gov't.

    Am I showing my age and no one knows the shows I am referencing?:blush:

    Anyway, it is fun, a lot of action, not too much bloody violence shown (though bad guys do get killed).
  2. I love it! It's one of my favorite shows. I think the new episodes start July 10th.
  3. -I'm still catching up with some of the re-reuns of season 1 because especially on the cable shows, I often do not remember the day and time of the shows - plus, my Directv satellite shows it at East Coast time and West Coast time (at least if I miss it the first time I can watch it later!)
  4. LOVE this show!
  5. I love this show! Jeffrey Donovan is smoking hot. :heart:
  6. I love this show, too! Have you seen their singing CM?
  7. CM? Is that a commercial? If so, I have seen a funny one with the guys from the show "Psych", but not one for Burn Notice...
  8. OMG so happy there's a thread on this show. I just bought the first season on iTunes and I've been watching it obsessively. Jeffrey Donovan is like a talllll drink of water! I love Fiona too, she's so spunky. And Sam....is just Sam. Love him.

    I can't wait for the new season! The season 1 finale really left me hanging!!
  9. I have the DVD -- I just love the show! I can't wait for it to start in July!
  10. Oh and I love how they have a slight obsession with yogurt. They mention it usually like once an episode. It's just a funny quirk.
  11. haha, I saw some yogurt last night in what I gather was a rerun of the season finale (2 hours long)? I love this show!
  12. I watched a few epsiodes last season, but then I missed the rest. I really liked the few that I did see, so I am going to try to catch the season this year
  13. LOL THE YOGURT!! :roflmfao:

    I absolutely LOVE this show! I caught it last summer and it immediately had me laughing, I wasn't expecting it to be so tongue in cheek and flat out HILARIOUS! Once I watched all the episodes, all I could do is cry and whine about how it's not coming back for AAAAAGES, but finally the time is upon us.

    Wow, I love Michael Westin, I constantly reference him IRL, lol. Especially since I eat so much YOGURT. haha.
  14. I told my friend this show is just like Macgyver and he was like.. 'huh?, no it isn't really..."

    But it IS! So THERE!! I knew many MANY other people agreed with me!:p