Burn Notice (tv show) t-shirt ID ?

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  1. Hi!

    Can anyone ID who makes this t-shirt? I thought James Perse; however, it is not.

    Thanks so much for any ideas.

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  2. Maybe the LNA deep V tee shirt? I have one in grey and it looks very similar.
  3. Oh, Chanel522 !!! Thank you so incredibly much. You were truly helpful. :yahoo::yahoo:
    I think you're right !! I'm looking into it to see if I can find it in this color.

    Do you think that the t-shirt runs small or big or true-to-size?
  4. You're very welcome :smile:!! Glad I could help. IMO the tee shirt runs big. I wear an xs and in this top the xs is still a looser fit and definitely isn't form fitting.
  5. Good to know about the sizing -- thank you again!! Much appreciation to you for having ID'd the shirt :flowers: