Burn Notice marathon is over. Thank god!


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May 10, 2006
So I set aside all day today to do internet research for my books.

I'm now in Canada so my TV channels are super limited.

I keep the TV on when I research so I don't get bored and quit.

So - of course - today's USA marathon is Burn Notice.

I HATE that show!

Star is UGLY as in this cheerleader call:
You ain't got no alibi.
You're ugly!
You're ugly!

And I hate being talked down to. The Burn Notice narrative is all about telling us little Barbie newbies about the spy business. Yuck.

I DO like Gabrielle Anwar.
Loved her since I first saw Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino.

I have GOT to get Dish Network!


Jul 31, 2006
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I have never seen this show so I probably shouldn't jump to conclusions, but I did see a clip on The Soup or something and it was of the lead actor - I don't even know the guy's name - wearing a cheesy suit and sunglasses singing "I'm Still Standing" as he descended an escalator in a casino. Which doesnt sound like much but it was awful. It made you want to scream, "Why? WHY???!?!?!?!"


Nov 22, 2006
Wow! I like the lead actor in Burn Notice. Jeffrey Donovan. He and Gabrielle Anwar are in awesome shape and I like their chemistry on the show. And Bruce Campbell is hilarious as the best friend.

I don't understand why the OP thinks Jeffrey Donovan is ugly. I think he's very good looking! And I LOVE Burn Notice!!!
Dec 14, 2006
This is one of my favorite shows. In the beginning I thought Jeffery Donovan was really ugly, so I can see where you're coming from. I don't really understand how you feel like the narrative talks down to viewers. I doubt the real spy business is anything like it's portrayed on the show, so I think the narrative functions well to explain to viewers the fictional spy universe that the writers created. Plus, the show has to appeal to and be understood by a wide audience, and I think the majority of people are spy business "newbies".


Sep 9, 2006
yeah, i need that narration. i'm not an idiot, but i wouldn't know what they were doing half the time without it. i've never been involved in covert ops. i don't know how to make a bomb. i'm not an airhead barbie, but i'm not a spy either.


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Jan 16, 2007
You could have just turned the tv off:P

Well Burn Notice isn't exactly Mad Men or The Sopranos, and I know some people find it really cheesy, but in terms of cheesiness I find True Blood to be leagues cheesier. Which is all good..

I think the whole point is that its distracting fun. Its a MacGyver for this generation. Its not meant to be read into or taken seriously. THere is no way to enjoy it in the least without a sense of humor and a huge grain of salt. The characters are not going to die, like, EVER. They are not going to go to jail or kill any innocent people or have huge moral dilemmas over anything for too long. Criminals in suits are literally around every corner, and magically somehow run entire operations without any real life low level dirty street element. There was a time when ALL tv was like this, even the stuff considered 'serious'.

I don't think the narration really narrates action. Its just little facts that I don't think most people would ever come across in daily life. They make us believe that the main character really CAN survive all these ridiculous situations with a match and a cellphone. He tells us why, instead of just having us accept that he is some super genius indestructible commando. It gives the viewer an idea of how far plain common sense goes in these larger than life bombs/ guns/ torture/ situations.

I mean, I totally get that it isn't for some people. You get what you see, its not gonna front as anything deeper than its face value. But its got Bruce Campbell. I don't get how ANYONE can resist him! :P

If you want the REAL side of drug dealers/ guns/ torture/ making bombs out of window squeeges/ killing people with bike locks, etc and still having to go to home to dinner, make small talk with mom, and generally pretend to be sane, I would recommend "Breaking Bad." That show is the consummate anti - Burn Notice. loll.
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Sep 9, 2006
^ i actually dislike(d) both mad men and the sporanos. i found both shows extremely uninteresting despite the great actors, despite the critical praise, so i guess the lesson here is to each her own. :P