"Burn Notice" anyone?

  1. Does anyone else here watch "Burn Notice" on USA? I've only recently started watching (about two episodes ago) and I'm hooked! I love that it's kind of snarky. And, it's so cool to see Gabrielle Anwar on the show (many hours were spent watching "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken" when I was a kid).
  2. I have been watching it. It is a fun show to watch!
  3. Love the show! Jeffrey Donovan is great in the role of Michael and, yes, Gabrielle Anwar is great as his ex. I always love spy shows, Bourne Ultimatum was great, BTW. I actually read the Bourne books way too many years (like over a decade) and was suprised by the excitement for a book so old.

    Back to topic, the spy tips on the website are fun too!
  4. Love the show!
  5. Did anyone watch the season finale last night? I can't believe I have to wait until next summer for season two.
  6. I don't watch much TV except HGTV for the decorating shows and caught a few back to back episodes a few days ago. I was doing a major cleaning moving around furniture, empty the closet thing in my son's room and decided to put the TV on and this show was on. I was hooked. I just loved everything about it. I really wish I kept up and watched the season finale. I will have to check for reruns.
  7. I love it, I think Jeff is hot!
  8. My DH and I love this show!!! Too bad it's over now! Gotta wait for next summer to see more!!