Travel Burma anyone?


Jan 3, 2008
I know Burma (Myanmar) isn't on the top of everyone's travel lists but DH and I love SE Asia and are really excited to go there in 2012. Has anyone here been? I would love any recommendations on where to go/skip, hotels, tours, restaurants and any other helpful information. Thanks!
Nov 20, 2007
Did you end up going? Any tips? I'll be there for a week in April and would love to get some thoughts.

Right now I'm thinking since I'm only there for a few days, hit the "classic" sites and leave the more off the beaten track locations for later... Yangon, Bagan, Inle lake... Do I have time for Mandalay too? I arrive on a Sunday morning and leave the following Saturday afternoon.


Jul 7, 2009
Save water and drink Champagne!
I went there 7 years ago and had the best time ever! I know that the political situation isn't great, but they are improving, and I believe that traveling can make a difference in people's lives by using local infrastructure, buying local products and supporting local shops and rerstaurants.
That said: I only went to Yangoon and Ngwe Saung, but the people everywhere were very friendly.
I will definitely come back and see more of the country.
Jul 16, 2008
I went to Burma with my husband in late September of 2010. We had a great time! People were so unbelievably friendly - so much so that we were skeptical at first of their intentions. For example, we flew to Yangon via Bangkok and at the Suvarnabhumi airport we chatted for a while with a man who was returning home to Burma who upon arriving in Yangon helped us get a cab to our hotel and then offered to take us around the city the next day and even invited us to a meal in his home. He wanted NOTHING from us (even when we offered to give him some money to thank him for his time/cover the cost of the dinner at his home). He just wanted to practice his English and learn more about what life is like in the US.

Bagan is wonderful - be sure to rent bikes (any place you are staying at will have them) to visit the temples. It's very peaceful there and you absolutely must get in a sunrise and a sunset.

Mandalay is very beautiful too - the UBein bridge is stunning near sunset and I'm sure you'll run into monks there who want to practice English as well.

Sadly we didn't have time for Inle lake but I would love to go there next time. I'll try to dig up some more specifics this weekend regarding hotel and restaurants and post again.


Alright fellas...
Aug 28, 2012
I went with my son in Aug/ Sep 2013 and "recorded" our experiences here: Every other post is written in English. Maybe that is of help.
I have travelled all over the world, yet the friendliness of the Burmese people is unparalleled (sp?).

My personal "top 3" in Myanmar were: Shwedagon Pagoda (Yangon), Botanical Gardens (Pwyn Oo Lin near Mandalay), and the Mt. Popa Mountain Resort (near Bagan).

Bagan is, of course, amazing but (without wanting to sound like a snob) it did not touch my heart like the Angkorian temples in Cambodia did (particularly Banteay Srei and Beanteay Chhmar).