Burlington Coat Factory was selling fake Fendi Bags!

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  1. The feud between Fendi and Burlington Coat is one spanning decades.
    Back in 1986, Fendi sued Burlington for purchasing and selling counterfeit items. The next year, Burlington agreed to an injunction to stop selling all Fendi items without permission first.
    Though it seems that only lasted some years, as in 2004 Fendi again contacted Burlington about selling their fake products and later sued them for trademark infringement in 2006.
    And although Burlington claimed their products were real and its suppliers would confirm it, a majority of the items were found to be counterfeits.
    Finally in 2008, after years of legal battle, the courts ruled that Burlington was in contempt of their agreement and would need to pay out millions for loss profits and attorney fees.
    And now a total has been reached and Burlington will need to pay out $4.7 MILLION!
    The amount includes the $2.5 million in profits, $1.6 million in interest, and over half a million in legal fees.
    Fendi's CEO, Michael Burke, revealed “Retailers have a duty to society and their customers to do a certain amount of due diligence. Clearly [Burlington Coat] did not.”
    As for Burlington, a rep claims they plan to appeal the decision but didn't reveal much else.
  2. wow! i'm glad actually that they've been caught and made to pay.
  3. the burlingtons i've been in have been dumps. i'd never trust a luxury good if i saw one there.

    i am glad they are putting a stop to the counterfeits.
  4. me too!
  5. I just read an article about Fendi having an injunction against Filene's Basement for selling fake Fendi. They are really going after these stores selling fakes. Sorry I don't have a link, I just read it today.

  6. I think i have purchased some of that Fendi that is being discussed here, at Filene's basement a few years ago. It was like my first designer wallet purchase. The wallets were 174.99 and the wallet key chain were 89.99. All of a sudden they put a 75% off on it one day, and i got the items next to nothing for a Fendi. I still have the keywallet somewhere. They also had Fendi scarfs at the time. Purchased several of them on sale, 75% off.
    Honestly, nothing about those items could identify it as being fake. They seemed very real to me. I'm positive the scarfs were real too, with code of authencity and all. Unless this stuff is made on stolen equipment with stolen parts or something, i dunno how it can be fake. Could it be that Fendi is just after the stores selling at discount, and the items are real?