Burlesque scarf modelling pics

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  1. I posted this yesterday along with my new Illustration purchases and some members asked for modelling pics. The tassels are removable so it's makes it a much more versatile accessory as you can see. I'm sure there are many more ways of wearing it but this was done quickly.

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  2. Beautiful!
  3. love it, contrats!!
  4. I have never in heard of this scarf? Does it come with the tassel?
  5. What a neat scarf! Not to mention how gorgeous the print is.
  6. So pretty, thanks for sharing.
  7. The scarf is new out and yes it comes with two removable tassels - one with a LV charm on.
  8. Wow, it looks sooo good!
  9. Oh I've been looking forward to these! Thanks Marra - it looks amazing on! The colour palette and tassels really make it such a versatile piece. Its a 70x70 right?
  10. what a lovely way to wear your scarf! my favorite is the 3rd style. the scarf is lovely and the tassel is wonderful. thanks for sharing!
  11. Yes, that's the size. I did see the cashmere wraps with the same pattern on but I've already got a couple of these and decided on a new direction. Really pleased with it - it looks great tucked in a jacket as well.
  12. I can imagine it working well as a jacket accent. I couldn't walk away from the cashmere ones after trying them on but I can see the appeal of this particular new direction. I'm starting to feel like this needs to come home and keep them company :P Thanks again for the pics!
  13. very nice! especially the colors;)
  14. I know what you mean, the cashmere ones are lovely but I'm waiting for the Cuir Obsession bag so couldn't get both (shame). I definately think this scarf would love to meet your cashmere ones :biggrin: You had better be quick though, these ones are hard to find, my SA had to track this one down for me and get it shipped in. Good luck if you decide to go for it.
  15. Beautiful scarf, congratulations! It looks lovely on you, I appreciate all the pics of different tying options.