Burgundy velvet squirrel spy

  1. I finally bought it! (I know, I had the black one at one time but chickened out and sent it back to Neiman's.) Now I got this one--shouldn't have--but I did, and for a good price considering its rarity--from achimnelly on eBay--he's a great seller, very honest. I'm loving this bag! Once again--you all will hate me--I have no camera! But it's much, much prettier than the pictures can show--the rhinestones are sewn in very firmly and it sparkles a lot--very well-made. Has a blue satin interior. I just hope the brown velvet handles hold up well. I'm going to enjoy it before I start feeling guilty again!!
  2. Achim also currently has the snakeskin one, and I believe one of those red garbage bag ones, although it's in a plastic bag in the picture. I'm drooling over the snakeskin, but I have a snakeskin already--the one that has a lot of pink in it, with white handles...that one I bought from someone else and I'm hoping it's authentic--the pictures of Fendi bags don't show my particular bag, but I got it from England so maybe there were some different varieties....? Anyway, I love it, and it *looks* real...I know, I'm rambling.....:wlae:
  3. Congrats of getting the squirrel spy, that is a beautiful spy. I cannot believe you took the black one back, which is so stunning.

    This is a bag that is really beautiful....enjoy
  4. I was looking at both of achimnelly's spys! I love the snakeskin one but I already have two python bags and seriously, how many can one girl own (not to mention the python freaks my DH out). The squirrel one is really cute!!
  5. I have the burgandy velvet squirrel spy. I bought it in December 2005 from Saks. It was my first spy, and I love it. The handles on mine have held up great!!!
  6. Wow, congrats! :yahoo:
  7. Can we see some pictures, please
  8. Yes we are desperate for pictures.
  9. I know, I'm terrible--I have a digital camera on request for my birthday in May! Then I have to learn how to use it...:rolleyes: ....so sorry!!!

    And yes, I was an *idiot* for returning the black velvet spy!!! My indecision...and it works against me because I don't get the shipping fees back. I also returned the red corduroy leather one to Saks (it was gorgeous, too!) and then later bought the brown corduroy one from styledrops....that one I still have....aarghh!!:hysteric:
  10. OMG cannot believe you return also the red corduroy one. I think next time you buy a spy bag tell us straight away and we will talk you out of returning it.....LOL