Burgundy suede phantom!

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  1. #1 Oct 1, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2012
    OMG! I am dying! I NEED this!

    Can anyone speak to the way the suede wears? I sold my smooth medium black luggage because the leather was driving me crazy. I felt like I could never use it because I was afraid of scratching. I have dealt with very annoying suede, and less annoying suede. Can anyone speak to the new Phantom Suede?


    Image won't upload for some reason. SEE THE BAG HERE
  2. I had a suede Phantom, and I thought it wore wonderfully wear. I was a little nervous about owning an all suede bag originally, but once I got it and started carrying it, I saw how durable it really was -- probably even more so than the leather versions (no scratches or scuffs!). I no longer have it (but not because it was suede), but I am hoping to add another one to my collection soon!:graucho:

  3. I have a suede Phantom and can definitely recommend it!!!