Burgundy Reissue...somebody get this!

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  1. Does that place sell authentic stuff, because there are a few things bugging me about that bag...
  2. Actually, a few members posted problems with "description of condition" of the bag with jemznjewels.com in the general Handbags thread. I would be very wary of purchasing anything from them after the horror stories I read!! Look up jemznjewels stole my money!
  3. It sure is pretty though!
  4. I doubt its authentic, if it was real..it wouldnt be so cheap..
  5. What size is it? The 226 retails for $1995.
  6. The pictures aren't close ups, but it looks fine from a distance... I haven't actually seen the burgundy in real life, though.
  7. from the listing "Its a terrific bag, and it retailed for $2250,"
  8. It's real. I bought it! I LOVE it!!!!!!! It's a gorgeous bag!! I'll have to post pics on the reissue thread in the Chanel sub forum. I kept looking at it and since nobody bought it, I could not resist.
  9. Congrats:heart:
  10. yea!good for you I love that color!!
  11. I'll have to take pics of my new reissue addition. I am back to three again. Burgundy, Black and White. Now if I can only add the grey!!
    Thank you Rose and Toonie!! It really looks better in person! :yahoo:
  12. lucky girl you beat me to it!