Burgundy Radiant & boots!

  1. Here are some pics of my favorite JChoo bag, my burgundy Radiant and my new MJ boots.:heart:
    marc boots 001.jpg marc boots 002.jpg marc boots 003.jpg
  2. They look great on you!!!
  3. Wow!
    Those are HOT boots and a HOT bag!!!!
  4. WOW...the boots and bag look great together, and great on you! :tup:
  5. :heart: Beautiful!
  6. Love them both jmcadon! They look fantastic with your dark denim.
  7. Look great!!
  8. OMFG! Those are TDF and I must have a pair for all my Burgundy bags:nuts:

    If I can locate them, would you mind if I copied???
  9. Not at all! They are so cool, lined with fleece so you can wear them barefoot like Uggs! The heel is only 3.5 and there is a hidden platform inside so they don't even feel that high. I got them off e-bay from rjconnect, she sells really nice items. I think they are from last year so you may not find them in stores now unless they are on sale. They are not MBMJ, but are from the couture Marc Jacobs line.:smile:
    OMG, the stylish Robynbenz wants to copy me!!!:yahoo:
  10. Thanks for the compliments Choo Girlfriends!!!:heart:
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    You are so funny;) I just went on the site and she has 1 pair of grey boots in a size 7 :crybaby: I am going to try to hunt those babies down.

    They are gorgeous :drool: and I WANT them so I can look as Amazing as YOU! (and just maybe a little taller too):graucho:
  12. Get them Robyn. :okay:They run pretty true to size, but she won't take returns so it took me quite a while to decide. Luckily I have a pair of MJ flats so I was pretty sure they would fit. But you could wear socks with them if they are a little big.