Burgundy MAC is here!

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  1. Pics are uploading as I type this. I finally decided on purchasing my first MAC last week when I found this beauty in stock at LB and while the code was still working too. I haven't yet been able to wear her out on the town since I just received her yesterday.

    Burgundy is an amazing color that is very similar to GE. I've taken pics of my GE Nikki against the MAC in order to compare the leathers.

    Stay tuned! Pics in a few minutes! :nuts:

    Happy 4th of July!
  2. Yay can't wait :smile:
    GE=glaze espresso?
  3. ^ Yep, sorry... GE is glazed espresso :heart:
  4. Nice!! Let's see the pics :smile:
  5. Ohhhh I have been wanting to see this bag!!
  6. Here we go... meet Ms. Burgundy MAC! Isn't she gorgeous?



    without flash...


  7. [​IMG]


    A peek inside...


    A few photos with GE Nikki...


  8. Oh my gaw!! I need something in burgandy!! It's to die for! Congrats!!
  9. Hey, Love. I loooove your Burgundy MAC! The color and leather are awesome and the lining is so cute. Congrats!:tup:
  10. OOOh love the bag, and it has the new lining!! :nuts:
  11. Thanks jx and naza!

    Burgundy is a beautiful leather, and I purposely was waiting to find a MAC so that I can someday build up a GE/Burgundy trinity of bags :roflmfao: The advantage to the Burgundy MAC over the GE MAC is that the strap won't fit on the GE.

    I'm really excited to have a smaller bag that I can just pop daily essentials into when I don't take one of my lovely Nikkis out on the town.
  12. GORGEOUS!!!
    LOVE the color and leather! It is very close to GE but with more red/purple undertone, while GE has more brown. Don't you just love the gold hw and tassels?

    How would you rate the leather quality and texture? Is it stiffer? How do you think it'll break in?

    Guess what, I ordered a burgundy mini Beloved which should arrive next week!
  13. That is super GLORIOUS!!!!

  14. Thanks! I absolutely LOVE that it has the new striped lining. It's so cute and really contrasts nicely against the leather too.

    I definitely would recommend that every Minkette who is interested in this leather to try it out and find the perfect bag for your collection. If I didn't already have a GE Nikki, then a Burgundy Nikki would be next on my wish list for sure.
  15. Well, the leather definitely has the smell to it that glazed leathers do... but it's hard to describe exactly the smell. GE has a different smell that I actually like, and this one is a bit different. Regardless of the smell, it does not detract from the beauty of the leather or this bag!

    As far as the leather goes... it is lightly pebbled, slightly glazed, thick, and I don't think it's super stiff on the MAC. I expect it to break in very easily with wear.