Burgundy leather?

  1. Please take pity on the Hermes newbie- I've looked and looked but I can't find the name for the dark red/ burgundy leather color :shame: . And could someone please explain to me the difference between rouge variations?
  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Hermes!

    You are most likely refering to Rouge H.

    There are loads of reds in Hermes - the reference guide has a lot of great information! :smile:
  3. Yep, sounds like rouge H. Hermes did carry a burgundy at one time. It is more purple than rouge H, but burgundy I believe would only be on the vintage bags. They haven't done it in a while.
  4. My bag in my avatar is rouge H. It is a great neutral color.
  5. That would be Rouge H. This is my Kelly in Rouge H. Although it looks brighter in this photo, it's much darker IRL:
  6. If you prefer a darker shade of red, try seeing if you can see a sample of Rouge H in Vache Liagee--it is quite deep--like a nice Bordeaux. Although Rouge H in Chevre is quite gorgeous---I adore mine.
  7. There is also a "bourdeaux". I just bought a wallet in it.
  8. ^^ How does Bordeaux differs from Rouge H??
  9. To me it is more winey blue almost purple-ey tone versus Rouge H that is more brownish deep red.
  10. ^^I forgot about bordeaux. Deep purply red, like wine.
  11. ooo, bordeaux sounds wonderful!
  12. Bordeaux sounds beautiful....

    Is Marron Fonce more brown or more red?
  13. I dont know about the other leathers, but in Fjord the marron fonce is like a rich warm dark chocolate brown.

    (geez, I almost typed warm rich dark chocolate brownie) LOL
  14. Thanks! LOL, that sounds pretty good too :p