Burgundy GST

  1. This weekend at Nieman Marcus the Chanel SA said that for fall they are getting burgundy GSTs with silver hardware. Does anyone know what this burgundy color looks like? Thanks in advance!
  2. HEY! Its bordeaux for the gst and burgundy for the classic flap jumbo at NM. The bordeaux is beautiful and the burgundy has yet to make an appearence. I am holding out for it. If I hit NM today, I will see if its in the book.
  3. Thanks for posting the link. I didn't find it because I was searching for burgundy instead of bordeaux.

    I thought it would be a little more red, but it is still beautiful. I want :yes:
  4. It came in at my NM and I was called and offered it. . . but I need a true red.
    The bordeaux is more brown than anything :sad:
  5. There are two different bags? A bordeaux and a burgandy? I thought bordeaux was chanel's "burgandy"?
  6. From what I was told, and read, there is a burgundy for the classic flap jumbo. The bordeaux for the gst. I just had my gst in bordeaux sent. OMG this board made my habit 100x worse!!!
  7. It's unique color isn't it?
  8. Someone else posted pictures and they didn't look as brown.... I can't remember who....
  9. Japskivt, Jills pic of her bordeaux medallion tote looked amazing whereas Chanelboy's pic is too brown.