Burgundy, burgundy... where for art thee???

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  1. So have all the Burgundy bags already been released? Is it just me or did it seem like there were VERY few? I'm still waiting to see more hit the online stores but I'm really not sure there will be since all the preorder bags coming soon are the new fall colors. Is RM just making alot less of each color/bag now because of the current economy? Any experts out there who can chime in. :shrugs:
    I'm just in love with this new RM leather more than any new one in a long time and was hoping to get a couple different styles... :thinking:
  2. There are some mini-devotes on bonanzle, I think. Don't know if there will be more coming out. Good question.:thinking:
  3. I totally agree with you. I waited too long to ponder on the Mini Beloved in Burgundy. I'm not really loving how the Darling is wearing IRL so then there is the old reliable in the MAB which I can't find anywhere. WTH?! I have the Mini Devote in Wine. What or how am I gonna get immediate satisfaction? Please help me....
  4. LB has darling and mini devote, AA has devote and MAC. funkylala had nikki etc. Clutch seattle has some.

    I think they are still on their way to stores since Revolve still didn't get any new bags. So does SOD and a few other retailers.

    And we can always email Codi. She has all the bags RM has.
  5. Have you seen any burgundy MAM/MAB at online retailers?
  6. I saw a MAM on Funkylala for like two seconds the other day then it was gone. I hope too that there will be some more burgundy bags out there for sale. The color is beautiful!!
  7. museten.com had the Burgundy MAM. They no longer do. Funny too, 'cuz they don't offer discounts only sales at the end of the season.
  8. I ordered the burgandy MAC from asteralice.com today....SO looking forward to getting this!! It'll be my very first RM bag :yahoo:
  9. I'm asking myself the same questions IndyBop. I've been searching high and low for a Nikki but each time it gets snatched up quickly. Will keep my eyes out for you.
  10. I love this leather so much I am thinking of getting more than one bag in it...normally I would never do that but I realllly dig it. I think it would be great in a Nikki. Well it would be great in anything :smile:
  11. ^^^I thought about a burg nikki too, but since I have a wine Nikki I'm thinking the Devote. I adore the full size one, it slouches perfectly. And looks like the burg devote is still available at AA.
  12. Haha that's exactly how I feel about teal..maybe another one?

    But I am dying for a burgundy mattie..I really hope that SO will go through. A Nikki would be nice too..esp a studded one!
  13. #13 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    Yes if you love a color/leather get a small bag and a big bag in it!

    I'm still waiting for a burgundy mini Beloved to show up in store....preferably with a code!
  14. would a Devote and a MAM and a MAC be too much then, lol! :P
  15. Yeah, Codi told me there are mini nikkis but I haven't seen them anywhere. :sad: