1. Anyone here love eating burgers? Any recommendations on the best places that serves the best burgers? Oprah has a show before talking about the obsession of Gayle King with burgers and the top 20 burgers you must try before you die! Anyone here have that article? It's in GQ mag from the past edition.

    i'm picky when it comes to burgers. it must have huge fillings, easy to chew meat, very juicy and loads of ingredients & toppings. now, i want to eat burgers!:yes: :drool:
  2. the best place to get a burger in Atlanta is a place called the Vortex - in one of their locations, you actually walk in through a giant skull. it's the coolest place! they have, literally, thousands of different burger combos because they have the most variety of toppings i've ever seen. everything from bean sprouts to a fried egg.

    the best place in Athens is the Grill - it's open 24 hours and is the place that everyone goes to sober up after the bars close at 2 a.m. (it's in the downtown district, so it's within walking distance). the meat is always juicy, they have a good selection of toppings, and you always see people you know. plus they have the most delicious feta dip for their fries.

    yay burgers!
  3. Galena Lodge north of Ketchum (Idaho) has the most wonderful elk burgers! Great after a day of nordic skiing or snowshoing!

    In Eugene, OR, my favorite place was McMinnimins High Street brew pub. I recommend the Dungeon!

    Now I want a burger, too!
  4. the Father's Office in Santa Monica for the best burger with blue cheese... always voted the best in laweekly and citysearch

    also the Counter in Santa Monica for "create your own burger"
  5. How about the Rossini burger at the Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay? It's made with Kobe beef, sauteed foie gras, shaved truffles, Madeira sauce and onion bun. All for a mere $60! :p
  6. ^ now talk about exorbitant!
  7. Everytime my DH & I go to New York we go to the "Burger Joint" in Parker Le Meridien Hotel. Its a "hole in a wall" inside the very modern & hip hotel. The burgers are really tasty & no fuss to eat.

  8. I'm making them tonight!
  9. Do you live anywhere near Columbus, Ohio? We have a place that has some of the best burgers in the country according to AOL. They are huge with lotts of toppings. I'm not much of a burger lover but they were pretty tasty. Another great burger is the Black and Blue aon a weck from BW3s. Yummy:drool:
  10. i shop at a natural grocery and in the meat section today they had hamburgers with spinach and feta mixed in - i got two, i'm going to try one tonight!
  11. I know there is a chain called 5 Guys (so far, have seen it mostly in the southeast) that is pretty popular. It is a basic burger joint, but not fast food.

    I think my favorite burger ever was the Chorizo Burger at a place called Ceiba in DC. YUM!
  12. Canadian burger King veggie burgers!! LOL okay, so not meat, but damn they're good. and yes the differ in the states, I wont eat them here. But honestly, people who eat meat eat them and say they're good. mmm BK! haha
  13. According to Consumer Reports Capitol Grille (a steak house chain) has the best burgers.

    I like Fuddruckers and Hardee's (believe or not) has some good burgers.

    Of course to me the best ones are the ones cooked on the grill at home!
  14. I have to say the best burger I ever had was at home, and I purchased the ground beef at Whole Foods. It was amazing!
  15. I love Ruby's! Bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions and no mayo protein style.
    I'm a picky eater!