Burgandy or navy?!!??

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  1. If your had the choice of the chanel coco handle handbag in caviar, which color would you choose. The beautiful navy or the gorgous deep dark rare burgundy???? Thank you for your thoughts.
  2. The navy...I think it would be more versatile.
  3. Both are beautiful but navy for sure!
  4. Navy
  5. i'd prefer navy. but it also depends on the colors you already have in your collection & preferred wardrobe scheme.
  6. Navy
  7. burgundy
  8. Navy
  9. Burgundy, simply because most jeans are of a navy color.
  10. I love navy but if I can only have one, I'd choose burgundy, it's a chameleon and has way more depth & character.
  11. I gravitate towards burgundy, but I would consider navy to mix things up a bit.
  12. Navy
  13. Navy
  14. Burgundy gets my vote!! It's makes any outfit!
  15. I love burgundy.