Burberry's winter sale: 30% to 40% off

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  1. Well, the sale I have been waiting for all year is finally here. Get 30% to 40% off on selected Burberry handbags at http://www.burberryusaonline.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=2127012.

    I'm still waiting for them to slash more discount on their bags because there is one bag I need!! :lol:
  2. Do you'll think they'll be even more savings later on?! Then I'm definately going to wait to get the bag I've had my eye on for some time now..
  3. Not sure but I'm hoping. :amuse:
  4. My S.A told me that the stores are scheduled to mark down prices one more time around January 15th, so I would assume the website will do the same...
  5. YES!! ::doing the happy dance:: :lol:
  6. I wonder if any of these will be slashed even further at NM last call. Presale starts this Friday :biggrin: