Burberry's planning to move production to China ?!!

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  1. Have you guys heard?
    Burberry's London, England Boss is thinking of moving it's WHOLE production to China apparently because their costs are lower. Burberry is one of the few Historic (*lengendary?) England brands left in England, London. It's become an issue that even Prince Charles is concerned about it.

    Please don't tell me it's true :wtf:
  2. So does that mean their bags will now be made in China? Like Coach? :cursing:
  3. I'm glad my trench says "Made in England" ... if this is true.
  4. wow...I don't think i'll spend that money on them if they're moving production to china....
  5. No, neither will I...all done with that. It makes me sad.
  6. I haven't heard this :wtf: This would be sad IMO
  7. ^^yeah I agree!
  8. I was dissapointed to see that my Burberry was made in Italy :sad: I've heard that Italy is the cheapest place for designers to produce goods but still remain in western Europe.
  9. WHAT...R U for real? That's sucks!!! Now everything is going to be like the blue label.....I hope this isn't true!!! I buy GUCCI b/c it's made in Italy, I buy Burberry b/c it's made in LONDON (actually everything Burberry I have as far as purses, wallets, etc. is made in Italy) and then I buy my Louis Vuitton - b/c it's made in France, although only 1 piece I have is actually made in France the others are made in the U.S. and Spain (FYI...LV makes their stuff in France, US, Italy and Spain)....of well, I hope this isn't so!!!!

    ..Of course if it is true, the cost to produce would certainly go down but then we will have to question the quality and do you think the price to the consumer will go down - OF COURSE NOT!!!!
  10. That sucks.
  11. oh no, i hope this news it not true. i will be very disappointed if they start manufacturing in China.
  12. If they start to produce in China I will never purchase from Burberry again.
  13. Burberry is meant to be a luxury brand unbelievable I commend prince charles efforts to stop this ridiculous move.

    There would b a difference anymore with Burberry made in China anymore and fake burberry made in China.
  14. Sorry there would no be no difference as they are made in the same country!
  15. How bad will it be if Burberry made in China?? I see nothing wrong with Coach made in China. :shrugs::shrugs::shrugs: