Burberry's Final Clearance Sale: 50% to 60% off FINALLY!!!

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  1. Ok, finally my wait is over! Burberry reduced their online sale even further to 50% to 60% off now. Alot of their bags that were $600 to $800 are now on sale for $200+. Yay!!! Although I personally like their last year's sale but this year's sale ain't that bad neither. One of the bags that I've been eyeing for like 1/2 year now finally went on sale BUT they sold out today just when they slashed the price even more. I'm so sad... :sad2: But that didn't stop me. ;) I ended up buying 2 leather bags from them today! :lol::lol::lol: So ck it out: http://www.burberryusaonline.com/home/index.jsp

    Happy shopping everyone!! :love:
  2. Which ones you get?
  3. I was driving the phone operator nuts because I was so indecisive over the phone so I finally ended up with these 2 bags: :lol:

    Burberry sling.jpg $350 (not on sale unfortunately)

    Burberry black.jpg $299 on sale (org $695)

    I'm excited about the black leather bag because even though it's a bit boring on the outside, but it has nova check lining on the inside!! :love: Perfect for work huh?
  4. i have the suede hobo in orange- i love it! very roomy, great magnetic closure- highly recommended. and at less than half price, why not? go for it!:idea:
  5. Great price on the black bag! The pebbled leather also gives it some oomph. That's a bag you'll probably use for years.
  6. Appreciate the notice. :biggrin:
  7. Glad to hear about its durability. :biggrin:
  8. Cool ........
  9. i cant find any that are on sale where do i go
  10. ^^ the thread is from 2006
  11. hhhmmm.. why was it brought back from beyond?:lol:
  12. !lol!
  13. lol
  14. scary! I got excited for nothing!!!
  15. ^Haha so did I!
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