Burberryaholic v. MBMJ Hillier - Round II

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  1. Ladies,

    I was on here a week or so ago seeking advice on a MBMJ Hillier I had received that was a totally different style than the bag pictured - which I resolved amicably with the seller (thank goodness).

    Well, I tried again...with a different seller and guess what? More issues! This time the bag is the right style but it is filthy (Link to Auction: !http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320489665650&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT)! I previously owned this bag (sold it to splurge on a Chanel 2.55 and regret ever selling it) and used it every day for a year and it was not in half (which is being generous) as bad of shape as what this seller sent me! The handles are coming apart, the inside is filthy, especially inside the pocket, the interior tags are ripped and the leather is so worn down that it isn't even pebbled anymore. Seller isn't responding (go figure)...What should I do!?

  2. I would definitely return it for a full refund. If you paid through Paypal, open up a dispute there for I guess SNAD?
  3. Can you post some pics of the damage ?
  4. Yeah, absolutely! I'm going to take a bunch of pictures and create a photobucket library for use in the SNAD. I'll post after I get home from work (around 9 EST).
  5. Hm. It almost looks as if these pics on the auction are from the day she got it, or whatever...

    either way, the photos are very deceiving, can't wait to see yours!
  6. OP, if the seller is not cooperative, you can file SNAD dispute w/ either ebay or PP. Ebay claims to be the new main source for "ebay purchase" disputes, however, I think you can still file w/ PP if you paid w/ PP. Your choice.
  7. Thanks y'all! I cannot wait for you all to see some pictures of this thing!!
  8. I am so sorry to hear this. I am curious to see the pics.
  9. My... I'm not a picky person but I don't think the bag is in "Gently Used, Fabulous Condition with no scratches". Sorry, you must have been really grossed out by the stains on the liner....
    SNAD is your next avenue, if the seller isn't cooperative. Good luck.
  10. Should I ship the bag back before opening the SNAD or can I open the SNAD tonight and ship the bag back tomorrow morning?
  11. WOW I just looked at those photos, and that bag truly is in awful condition! You are NOT being picky at all -- you paid a premium price for a bag that is barely worth half what you paid. I actually had a really good experience with eBay's new resolution process, so I would SNAD with them first. They resolved a recent SNAD really fast and issued a refund to my PP in no time.
  12. Open the SNAD claim with paypal but do not send the bag back to the seller until paypal let you know that it's okay to send the bag back to the seller for a full refund.
  13. Phew! Good to know I'm not just being a hyper-critical buyer!

    Pursewatch - Thank you for the info! I'll hold the bag (as much as I just want it out of my house right away) until I'm cleared to ship it back :smile:
  14. It is dirty. I would open a SNAD