Burberry - you'll never guess where it's being sold...

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  1. Costco...i just read this on another thread.

    This Cinda normally retails for $795 - at Costco it is selling for $649.99, nice ha!!!

    Just thought I would share this scoop of information with everyone on the Burberry forum.

    Costco Handbags, Wallets & Luggage
  2. Costco does have Burberry bags from time to time.
  3. oh yeah, costco also sells prada.
  4. Ohh, really! Costco also sells coach I believe!?
  5. Yea, now Costco is also selling Dolce and Gabbana as well as Valentino. Valentino for such a low, yet amazing price! This wallet from Valentino is only 49.97.
    Costco Valentino Black Wallet=
  6. yes, Prada, Ferregamo and even Fendi Spys!
  7. Say what? Costco has designer handbags? You gotta be kidding me, I've there a couple times I've never come across a single designer item. Is this Costco everywhere in the world, or states/Canada?
  8. i thought cosco keeps getting sued because they sold conterfeit murchandise?
  9. thats crazy. how do they get away with that?
  10. That is not good.
  11. Just in the US

  12. Wow..i just checked it out...and they have a Fendi b-bag too!
    hmmm...i don't know..there's something that doesn't feel right, buying a luxury handbag along with a clubpack of porkchops and toilet paper...ha ha
  13. wow, thats weird
  14. I totally agree! I don't see any luxury in that...