Burberry Wristlet

  1. Hi everyone. So my quest to find and buy my wife her first Burberry purse is still on. Well... her first Burberry anything to be honest. :shame: :shame:

    This is the size of bag my wife currently owns and uses.
    Nothing major, just simple.
    So my first choice for my wife is the Small Sling

    Me personally, I like the Nova Check Bag.
    I think she would like it.

    Which leads me to the wristlet question.
    Does anyone here know if Burberry makes a wristlet that will match either purse? I was only able to find one wristlet on SFA but that wristlet does not seem to match the color of the purses I am looking at.
    Any suggestions?

    Here is the wristlet I have found. As you can see, they do not match.
    Thanks to all.

  2. This one is very cute-[​IMG]
  3. I agree, I think the wristlet will be very close to the bag above it in real life.
  4. It could just be differences in lighting- both bags above looks like Nova check.
  5. this one is so cute, i think she would love it!

  6. I like this one best too!
  7. I prefer the second bag, but then I don't like really small bags unless its for evening. I don't think you can fit much into the first. Also, they probably do make a wristlet in the black leather trim if that's what you're asking. I would call a Burberry boutique and ask.
  8. Thanks for the tips and suggestions.
    Like I said, right now I'm leaning toward the small one only because that is the style of bag she is currently using.

    I still haven't found a wristlet to match the purse.
    The search continues...
  9. Cute....Love it!!
  10. No burberry does not make a wristlet to match the 2nd bag, I am personally looking for one & have been told that they did not make the wristlet with the black trim

    Also, I was at a Burberry outlet yesterday & saw the first bag there on sale so I hope you don't pay full price for it.
  11. Thanks Pisdapisda.
    So shall she have to put her Coach wristlet in her Burberry purse? Blasphemy!

    Well, here in the Chicago area we do not have a Burberry outlet. So my choices are full price or a fake from eBay.
  12. I think the wristlet would look just fine with the bag even if the trim does not match
  13. I saw that wristlet in black in Saks in Riverside Square, Hackensack NJ. Both of those bags are nice. If you know she loves demi bags I like the first one too.
  14. so cute
  15. Update: I was in Montreal this weekend & saw the wristlet at a department store you are looking for Daburb with the black trim. The wristlet came in black patent, red patent & white.