Burberry Winter Coats?

  1. Does anyone know if Burberry makes winter coats that can handle cold to extremely cold Chicago weather?

    I'm on the Burberry site right now and I see some I like and some I don't like.

    The Wamer Jacket or 2 in 1, are those winter coats? They are listed under rain coats.

    Really not liking the Puffer coats.
  2. I'm afraid that only puffer coats can handle cold weather in Chicago.
    I've been wearing Burberry down coat here in Chicago winter, and it really keeps me warm. The hood helps the coat a little more stylish, I think.
  3. i just bought a long with belt quilted coat in brown.. it's really cute and comfy and gorgeous and all that.. also very stylish.. keep me warm enough. It has hood also, lining inside is wool/cashmere.
  4. the 2 in 1 coats are like the trench coats with a removable wool lining on the inside.

    If it's really cold, then i would suggest the down feather puffy coats instead
  5. Hi everyone. I ended up buying a two-in-one jacket for my wife.
    Not really a winter jacket but it is good enough untill the really cold weather comes in.