burberry! Where to go for reduced prices?

  1. I'm on a recent burberry kick and am seeking some of the quilted jackets for less....anywhere I can go online or in person to find some nice deals?

  2. Burberry.com has a white one on sale for $299, but there is only an XL left, which doesn't help me :sad:
  3. they're on sale in the boutiques and at any dep't store that carries them.
    I bought a new one in the Burberry boutique in Dallas about a week ago.
  4. It seems you have to know the EXACT info (size, color, style) etc and call around the United States to get what you want.

    Here in NY - things GO SOOOOOOOOOOO fast it's crazy! Crazy!
  5. i dont know where your based but try ringing some of the outlets, i knwo there is one at Woodbury Commons in New York, you will have to pay shipping at full price but you still might be able to get a steal.

    i want the quilted jaket too but alas, pinching pennies at the moment :sad:
  6. I was at the Burberry Outlet in Orlando a couple of days after Xmas and they still had the quilted jackets there. I don't remember what the women's went for, but I know my boss got one in navy blue at the begining of December from the same outlet for around $250.

    I know there is a Burberry Outlet at Woodbury in NY. They might still have some quilted jackets left.
  7. NM usually has the quilted jackets at the end of each season on sale but most times not the classic colors like black/white etc.