Burberry Wellies

  1. Personally, I love them. The tackiness makes them all the more cute, I find. What are your thoughts?
  2. Do you mean the rain boots? If so as much as I want a pair of rain boots and as much as I like the brand the haymarket check is a little too in your face for me. The plain black ones though are so plain. Today it was raining so hard though I would have taken either pair tacky or cute lol.

    Also do you find that their size conversion is really accurate?
  3. I found them to be a bit small
  4. I have a fabulous pair of bright red Burberry wellies. I get compliments every time I wear them. The girls compliment me and the guys tease me for being stylish. The have the nova check on the inside but not the outside. It's too bad I can't wear them every day, LOL!
  5. I have a pair! Love them to death!
  6. can someone post pics of them wearing these... i just cant see why everyone loves them so much...
  7. I dont have a picture but they haymarket check is really cute on.

    My problem with the boots (and most premier designer shoe lines) is that their shoe conversions from Europe to American sizes are inaccurate. So if you have big feet you cant buy them because their biggest size are really like a 9.5.
  8. could someone post a pic of these shoes?

    i'm curious about these burberry shoes & want to see a pic. thanks
  9. thanks for the picture allen446
  10. I think they're cute. I almost bought a pair a few months ago, now I kind of wish I had because it rains every day here in the winter. They're pretty reasonably priced IMO too.
  11. I have the burberry wellies, they are great in the rain. I highly recommend them. Sorry I do not have a picture of them.
  12. I decided against buying them, I find them to not be worth it as they are very trendy and I think they'll go out of style by next spring.
  13. I love anything and everything Burberry.