Burberry Watch

  1. I have several Burberry handbags and decided today I needed a watch.

    I looked at several and decided on the one in this pic:
  2. Great choice!!!:tup: Congrats...:yahoo:
  3. That is so nice! I love the silver with the Nova Plaid! Congrats!
  4. I love this watch, Congratulations.
  5. lovely, congrats.
  6. Beautiful watch! Very, very classy!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Thank you everyone.

    I wore it today and so many people wanted to see it.
  9. congratz!!
    i have something similar but it's a guy's one :biggrin:
  10. Which Benz is that in your avatar?
  11. cute watch!
  12. ohhhh that's very pretty!
  13. It's the Mercedes CLS 55 AMG :p
  14. I thought so. One of my friends has that car.
  15. No wayyy!!! What color is your friend's? Mine is silver.