Burberry Watch experiences?

  1. I'm considering getting the Check Bracelet watch and I was wondering about the long-term quality of Burberry watches. Does anyone own a Burberry watch? What is your experience with it and would you recommend Burberry to others (based on things other than just the brand)?

  2. I am curious as well.
  3. I just bought one today so I don't have personal experience.

    I do have friends that have burberry's and I haven't heard of any complaints.
  4. i have had this watch for around 7 months. i got it on Christmas. it functions perfectly fine and it's pretty sturdy, but i find that it scratches more easily than other designer brand watches. hope this helps!
  5. Hi! I have this Burberry watch (duh! and forgot to add it to my collection pic!) for over 2 years now and it is still running, the battery hasn't died yet and I've had no problems with it! Burberry makes very beautiful watches!
  6. Good to hear!

    And congrats on the purchase socalgem!
  7. I agree!! my Burberry watch also scratches really easily...I've had it for a year now but still loving it ^^
  8. Thank you.

    I hope you post pics of your watch when you purchase it.
  9. I own a blue novacheck burberry watch,no complaints about it! =]
  10. I've had this watch for few months....and it already have some light scratches, but I thought it's due to charms.
    Does anyone know of protective coating or some sort that we can apply to prevent it?

  11. I also have a Burberry watch and I love it. It runs great. The only problem is that my watch has white strap. It is impossible to clean it. Any idea were to buy a replacement one. Please, help.
  12. My mom has the one pictured below, she's had it for a little over a year now and has had no problems with it, the clasp or any significant scratching, if any really at all. Hope this helps!

  13. the store can send the watch out to have a new band put on but it will be the same one just new
  14. My bf and I have had Burberry watches (men's chronograph watch and women's stainless steel) for the past year and a half and they are great! Mine's a little scratched up, but he attributes that to me being careless haha. His is still in pristine condition ...and no problems with the batteries or anything. I loved it so much I got my best friend one from them too ...and thinking of getting myself an extra christmas present :smile:
    P.S. I'd post pics but I'm still a relative newbie ...and haven't gotten around to figuring it out yet :p so here are the links haha


  15. imo the straps are a bit flimsy and needed replacement in less then a year